10 ways to spend quality time with your kids

Building a bond with your child is essential to nurture your relationship. Just sitting at home together does not count and instead, you need to engage in some fun activity, to make it memorable for both of you. Here are some great ideas to spend quality time with your child.

Plan a vacation

You don’t need a reason to plan a vacation with your kids. Just choose the destination and pack snacks for an adventurous trip together. Trust us, nothing can excite a kid more than a surprise holiday to their dream destination. If budget and time are issues, it could be a one day picnic too.

Bake a cake

You must be doing the baking on your own so far. But you can play the baking game together. Involve your child, too, while baking his favourite cake or cookies.

Take up a hobby class

If arts and crafts are what your child adores, join this hobby class with him. Indulge yourself and create some masterpieces along with your little one. This will really help you come closer.

Sing and dance together

Singing and dancing together connects you on an emotional level and creates fun memories too. As a parent, you can be the instrument player or a singer for your dancing diva or the handsome rockstar. Trust us, this family musical concert will create memories to cherish.

Solve some brain games

If your child is a puzzle master, buy him some good brain games. Well, don’t just stop here. Take out time and solve them together. Help your child where he gets stuck and make it a fun learning activity.

Help them in their projects

You must have made multiple presentations for your office. It’s time for you to help your tiny tot in preparing their annual projects. It’s the best way to polish your skills and be the superhero of your Smurf!

Take them out for shopping

If you want to impress your kids and want to spend quality time with them, take them out shopping, This will help you know their likes and dislikes better. Also, the excitement that shopping brings is something worth experiencing.

Narrate your childhood stories

A child acquires the traits and habits of parents in most cases. Children always enjoy listening to the childhood stories of their parents. So, take out time before going to the bed to narrate a few of your interesting childhood stories. Trust us, your child will definitely enjoy getting to know your not so mature side.

A visit to grandparents

Our grandparents are the most valuable treasure we possess. Inculcate this feeling in your child. Allow them to spend time with their grandparents. It will nurture the bond between all of you.

Plan a fun meet-up with friends

Arrange a fun party for your child’s friends and be the gentle host. Be the kid for once and enjoy life like a kid. This will add bonus points to your relationship with your child and strengthen your bond.

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