Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream Is Now Vegan

Augustinus Bader has given its best-selling product a vegan update.

The Rich Cream, which beauty industry insiders voted the greatest skin care product of all time, has dropped beeswax from its formula — a request from customers that Professor Bader incorporated into the product’s first reformulation.

The new formula still features TFC8 — the company’s patented blend of natural amino acids, vitamins and molecules that promote cellular renewal — and remains gluten-free and GMO-free. Response has been “better than the first generation,” Professor Bader told WWD.

Charles Rosier, the company’s cofounder and chief executive officer, said the reformulation process began in late 2018, the same year the product launched.

“The idea was to say, despite the fact that The Rich Cream is pretty successful, why don’t we work on an upgraded version,” Rosier said. “It can be improved, even if it’s marginal.”

Results from a four-week clinical trial with 30 participants suggest that The Rich Cream’s vegan formula was well-received: Skin hydration improved 145 percent, participants reported, with crow’s feet wrinkles and forehead wrinkles visibly reducing by 54 percent and 37 percent, respectively.

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All 105 participants in a 12-week user consumer perception study reported that their skin felt instantly hydrated and nourished, with 98 percent saying their skin felt “protected, stronger and more resilient.”

Augustinus Bader’s business, which will soon turn three, is said to be doing well — even during COVID-19. Industry sources project the company will bring in as much as $150 million in gross sales in 2021.

New launches are slated for later this year, according to Rosier, and the brand has inked a retail partnership with Goop.

“Skin care has been steadily growing in the last few years because there is an increase of awareness from people about wellness and taking care of themselves,” Rosier said. “Skin care is maybe more perceived by people as something fundamental as investing in your skin and investing, therefore, in your body and wellness. Skin care has shown resilience through COVID-19.”

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