This Heatless Blow-Dryer Made My Hair So Smooth and Shiny

As a beauty nerd and color-treated redhead, I’m always on the prowl for that new-new in hair technology. Whether that means getting a bespoke hair-care routine or plugging in and testing out every hot tool on the market, I’m game. And it’s that last thing that’s brought me here today: hot tools — more specifically, blow-dryers.

I’ve tried my fair share of them, both budget and bougie. We're talking Dyson Supersonic or Harry Josh-level pricey all the way to the more affordable, super innovative Revlon 360 Surround Dryer. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I got my hands on the Hai Beauty Concepts Styleset Professional Dryer. It touts itself as the world’s only fully-customizable blow-dryer, and as someone who lives for a personalized beauty product or tool, I knew it would be right up my alley.

First off, I was happy to find out that this dryer is pretty lightweight — you can forget that tingly feeling you get your arm when you've been drying your hair for way too long. While it's advertised as a heatless dryer, that's not entirely true. It still blasts heat, but it's not like other dryers where you have a hot and a cool button with two-to-three speed options. Instead, it's got two free-spin dials (one for temperature and one for speed) that you can adjust to your perfect setting. This allows you the option for the dryer to be totally heatless on an endless range of blow-dry speeds — without having to contort your finger to hold down the cold shot button. The dryer also emits negative ions to make your hair super shiny and not static-y. When you turn it on, you'll notice a blue UV light, which the brand says is there to condition the scalp — something my color-treated crown can always use a helping hand with. The tool also has a 9-foot cord, two nozzle tips, and yes, a sweet jasmine scent that emits every time you turn it on. So, at this point, I was like yes, okay, yasss, send me one to review, please and thank you.

Rebecca’s hair after being towel dried, before using the HAI Beauty Concepts STYLESET Professional Dryer.

A little backstory on my hair — it's fine as hell (while I personally think it's quite attractive, I am referring to the actual density of each strand). As a result, it often falls flat, frizzes up, or just looks kind of lifeless unless sprayed with my must-carry Oribe Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax or R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, which I often use as a texture spray on freshly-washed hair because it delivers the body I crave. Anyway, the point is, achieving silky-smooth hair sans frizz has been relatively impossible without having an arsenal of products to get it done. What’s more, even with all the right jams and jellies, my hair often will look smooth as can be one minute, and full of random tangles and knots the next. In other words, it’s not the most manageable, but I’ve come to embrace it.

Now that you have all that information about my hair, let’s get back to this dryer. Of course, because I wanted to see if this heatless wonder lived up to the hype, I spun the dials for a cool, medium-speed dryer setting. It dried my hair fully in just under 10 minutes. As much as I loved the quick process, it was the textural results that left me wide-eyed and continuously touching my hair. I kid you not, it has never — and I mean never — looked so smooth simply from blow-drying. The last time I’d seen hair this flawless, I was sitting in a chair at a Brooklyn salon and half a dozen products (if not more) had been pumped, sprayed, and massaged into my crown. The fact that I was able to get salon-grade results from the comfort of my parent’s bathroom (enjoying a weekend away from the city), with nothing but a boar-bristle brush and an initial spritz of a leave-in/detangler like the Tresemmé Expert Selection Repair & Protect Pre-Styling Spray, yeah, I’m 100 percent sold.

Rebecca’s hair post-dry with the HAI Beauty Concepts STYLESET Professional Dryer.

And, if you’re a big fan of blowouts, manageable hair, and shampoo commercial-worthy shine, I have no doubt that you will be, too. Especially considering the silky-soft feel of my hair lasted far beyond the first few moments post-dry. Get the Hai Beauty Concepts Styleset Professional Dryer for $110.

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