The Brilliant Reason Stylist Lacy Redway Uses a Blush Brush on Priyanka Chopra's Hair

Allure's first-ever digital cover star Priyanka Chopra is undeniably stunning from head to toe. But if we're being honest, we spend a lot more time focused on her head than her toes — specifically her gorgeous hair. To find out how it always looks so incredible whether she's wearing it up or down, straight or wavy, we sat down with her go-to hairstylist, Lacy Redway, who gave us some brilliant insights about some of her favorite looks.

Although Redway regularly uses hot tools to style Chopra's hair — and did so for her curlier-than-usual look when she appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live — heat isn't a must to achieve a similar style. “So if you’re gonna try this at home, you actually don’t necessarily need a hot tool," Redway says. "You can prep your hair overnight by braiding your hair. Take it out of the braid and it’ll kind of give that kind of like ’70s messy feel to the hair."

Speaking of braids, when Chopra visited Late Night with Seth Meyers, she wore a long, loose one that Redway had been dying to try on her. She doesn’t typically use extensions, but she did in this case to create more length. If you're up for trying extensions for a braid or any other type of style, “I recommend human hair as opposed to synthetic hair because you are not able to curl synthetic hair," Redway says. "With human hair, if you get really good quality ones, you can reuse them time and time again."

As for Chopra's other off-the-face looks, if her top knots ever look especially perfect to you, it’s probably because she wraps hers a little differently than you do pre-workout. In addition to using a product with a bit of grip, Redway "sectioned a ponytail in half and wrapped each section going in a different direction." It may sound a little more complicated, but she swears it’s a five-minute hairstyle.

Redway's all-time favorite red-carpet hair on Chopra, is one when she left her hair down for the Oscars. She says the key to a perfectly flat-ironed style like this is all about what you do to it while it's wet. In addition to prepping it with product before blow drying, Redway also created Chopra's flawless part while her hair was damp. Then, after blow-drying, she sprayed a fine mist of hairspray on each section of hair to really smooth out the cuticle as she glides the iron down it.

Perhaps the most unexpected tip she gave us was in reference to Chopra’s low bun at the 2017 CFDA Awards. To fight flyaways, she uses a blush brush. "I spray a little bit of hairspray on the blush brush and then I put it over the top of the hair."

If there's any especially easy takeaway from Redway's advice, it’s that there’s one product, in particular, she loves to use on Chopra for her polished-yet-lived-in looks: Tigi Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day, an Allure Best of Beauty winner. "It’s technically a volumizer, but I use it as a texturizer. It gives me great texture in the hair." But there are plenty of other great tips and tricks throughout the video above, so don’t miss a second of it.

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