Nivea Men Releases Campaign as Men’s Market Is Hotter Than Ever

Nivea Men released a new campaign this week called “Baring Is Caring” to spotlight research about men’s body shaving habits.
The Beiersdorf-owned brand revealed that almost 80 percent of men shave some part of their body below the neck at least once a month. But many of them are doing it all wrong leading to 58 percent indicating they experience irritation when they shave their body.
The brand called upon two public figures — NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola and Olympic Bronze Medalist Adam Rippon — to deliver the message that there are options to reduce shaving irritation. “Our intent was to select two well-known guys with passionate fan bases who body shave already, but for very different reasons, to star in the series,” said Lindsey Brink, vice president of marketing and integrated media at Beiersdorf.

Rippon, who admits in the video to shaving his whole body, schools Amendola on how to avoid rawness. “Because I tape up my ankles before I hit the field, I have to shave my legs to avoid a brutal hair removal when I tear the tape off. So I clean up my legs pretty often during the season. But even shaving caused irritation until I learned the right way to do it with help from my buddy Adam Rippon and body shaving products made for guys,” Amendola told WWD.
Specifically, Rippon recommends Nivea Men’s lineup including the Nivea Men Body Shaving Stick and Nivea Men Soothing After Shave Lotion. “It’s all about using the right product,” Rippon said. “Before I discovered the new Nivea Men Body Shaving Stick and After Shave Lotion, it was definitely a challenge to shave below the neck…and I shave everything!”
Since many men taught themselves to body shave, they don’t understand the mechanics, according to Brink. “What many men don’t realize is that shaving their body is not the same as shaving their face,” said Brink. “Body hair takes longer to grow back than facial hair so irritation from body shaving can have a delayed occurrence versus the immediate effect guys see from facial shaving.”
Nivea Men also found guys were creating their own solutions to ease body shaving from body wash or even shampoo or conditioner, as exemplified in the video where Amendola hauls out a variety of products he’s been using with no success.
The campaign is designed to ignite more conversation among men about body shaving. The majority of men — 57 percent — say they infrequently or never talk about body shaving with friends. “We knew it was critical to develop a campaign that got guys talking about it,” Brink said.
The men’s grooming category is skyrocketing in the mass market, expanding in the high double-digits in some segments. The leading brands are jockeying for more of the shelf space as chains such as Target and CVS carve out more space to men’s items.
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