L.A. Wellness Brand Vegamour, Made for Thinning Hair, Enters Sephora.com

Vegamour has expanded into retail, now available at Sephora.com, WWD has learned exclusively.

Vegan and plant-based — using wild harvested, organic ingredients — the brand’s line of hair care products, lash and brow serums and supplements fall under Sephora’s “clean” category. Priced between $28 and $80, the range of goods has been developed to target thinning hair; they include a $38 scalp treatment, $52 hair serum and $28 biotin gummies.

“Vegamour has created a completely different category to serve what is currently a white space in the hair, beauty, wellness domain,” said Vegamour CEO Daniel Hodgdon in an exclusive statement. “Sephora is uniquely positioned to help us bring awareness and education via its global brand platform.”

The brand is expected to exceed 100 million in sales this year, according to industry sources.

Daniel Hodgdon Courtesy

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Hodgdon, who founded the company in Los Angeles in 2016, said the white space in the hair wellness category is “a comprehensive, inside-out approach to long-term hair health that produces unparalleled results without harmful side effects.”

He continued: “Hair loss, hair health is a huge issue for women. Forty percent of alopecia sufferers globally are women. Eighty percent of women will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime, but female pattern hair loss or premature shedding has been historically ignored and never really been addressed by the hair or beauty industry, other than by marketing watered-down versions of hair loss products for men that are too toxic for women to use at full strength. Until Vegamour, nobody was addressing this universal concern from an exclusively female point of view and physiology.”

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