K-Pop Star Chanyeol’s New Golden-Blonde Hair Is Major Fall Beauty Inspo

After giving his scalp a rest for a year, Chanyeol surprised EXO fans by showing up to the popular K-pop group's concert on Sunday with platinum-blonde hair. The EXO member has kept his hair black since September 2017, so the shock was understandable. However, Chanyeol's new, lighter dye job isn't the only major hair transformation the K-pop star has undergone in the past couple days. On Tuesday, he arrived at the Tommy Hilfiger Tommynow Icons Fall 2018 runway show in Shanghai with a more golden blonde hue and lighter brows to match.

When K-pop stars dramatically change up their hair color, fans usually assume that new music is on its way. At the same EXO concert this weekend, Xiumin hid his hair under a baseball cap, and EXO-L (as fans of the group are officially called) have noted on Twitter that Sehun has been spotted with red hair.

Taking all this into account, a new EXO album could be on its way, sooner rather than later. (EXO-L have been patiently waiting.) If this is the case, I have a feeling Chanyeol's new blonde hair is a blank canvas for a bright color like slime green or neon peach. He did go cotton-candy pink and sky blue for last year's comebacks, so if anyone in EXO were to experiment with neon hair, it would be Chanyeol.

On the other hand, Chanyeol's new blonde hair could have been a fun way to help him fit the fall vibe of the runway show. Even though New York is still sweltering hot, Chanyeol's honey-toned hair has me dreaming of cooler weather and leaves changing colors. It's only a matter of time before we find out which theory is true.

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