IDK How, but Doja Cat Totally Pulled Off Cynthia's Hairstyle from "Rugrats"

When Doja Cat posted some photos of herself on the night of Wednesday, November 3, I had one question and one question only: was Cynthia from my favorite childhood cartoon, Rugrats, the inspiration behind her hairstyle? If you're not familiar with Cynthia, the beloved doll of Angelica, she has a haphazard haircut that Angelica probably did herself (no shade to Angelica) and her facial expression always looks as if she's not having it — despite the fact that Angelica is her tried-and-true companion. 

It turns out that Doja Cat's hairstyle was, indeed, a tribute to the cartoon doll after all. Doja's hairstylist, JStayReady, confirmed that Cynthia was the inspiration behind the hairstyle in the caption of his own Instagram post, writing, "Better late than never Angelica's favorite girl #Cynthia." In fact, Doja's whole look paid homage to Cynthia. Fashion designer and illustrator Hayden Williams revealed in his Instagram post that he collaborated with designer Christian Cowan to create this Cynthia-inspired outfit for Doja's Halloween costume. 

This hairstyle was probably all in a day's work — literally. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who saw the resemblance between Cynthia and Doja's hairstyle. Several fans in the comments were also questioning if Doja was trying to look like Cynthia from Rugrats, but some fans immediately caught the similarity between Doja's and Cynthia's hairstyles. Several comments along the lines of "Cynthia irl" are all over the rapper's comments section. 

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This is the first time that I have ever seen anyone wear Cynthia's hairstyle in real life, but, based on the sentiments in Doja's comments section, I'm sure there will be more Cynthia-inspired costumes come Halloween next year. My initial question has already been answered, but I have another question for JStayReady: could you drop the Cynthia hair routine, please?

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