Five typical errors when applying Lotion, you should avoid

Summer, sun, a day at the lake: Who can forget the sun cream, you risk a sunburn. In the long run, skin damage caused by UV rays make the skin age prematurely, wrinkles, accelerate, or skin cancer. Good protection is important – only you know how you can protect the skin? We reveal five mistakes you should not make.

1. The Tube from the previous use

In the cupboard, the sun cream from last year still stands, and in the lid sticks maybe even a little Sand from last year’s trip to the beach? Beautiful memories in all honor belongs to but the contents of the Tube in the garbage and not on the skin. Sun creams don’t last longer than other cosmetics. The Tube is open, it should be within six months of the consumed. To minimize the risk that the cream will no longer work after a while, optimally.

2. On the wrong strength put

With light protection factor 20 is always in the right? Wrong! The appropriate sun protection factor is based on skin type:

Also important: by The sea, in the mountains or on long hikes rather have a higher protection factor to choose – for all skin types.

3. Creams, creams, creams

Regular putting on helps make the sun-protection to maintain and is especially important if you are moving, a lot of sweat or from the water. The maximum protection period will not be extended thereby, it is calculated as follows: Light skin types can stay for a maximum of ten minutes without protection in the sun. A sun cream with a protection factor of 30 extended this period to 30 Times – so roughly 300 minutes. This corresponds to a maximum of five hours.

4. Apply to thin

A sunscreen should be generously applied, especially on the so-called sun terraces like nose, ears, shoulders and décolleté. Here the solar radiation is particularly intense. Per square centimeter of skin it should be two milligrams of sunscreen.

5. Solely to the effect of sun cream to leave

The fact is that No sunscreen protects rays to 100 percent of UV. The maximum sun time, should be irritating in the best case, never at all. Hats with a wide brim and towels before optimizing the sun protection and prevent possible skin damage.

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