Eye pads for tired eyes: how to apply the beauty product, right

Too little sleep and too much Stress leave in the truest sense of the word, their traces on the face. But as the dark shadows actually? In fact, dark circles are a result of poor circulation in the blood vessels: Is throttled, the lymphatic circulation due to short nights, can accumulate under the soft skin tissue fluid. But it is also an enlargement of the blood vessels can lead to dark circles appearing. In addition, other factors, such as the rays of progressing aging of the skin, and UV, which promote wrinkles and eye bags. All the more important proper eye care is important with the increasing age, for example, with special care creams or eye pads.

So eye pads work on your skin

Unlike ordinary skin care creams have eye pads have a cooling effect on the skin – in this way, you not only eye circles combat and puffiness minimize to be able to, but also counteract skin aging. In addition, they provide the skin with moisture and give tired eyes a Fresh Kick. This is possible due to the contained active ingredients such as Hyaluron and collagen – both of them are also found in many Anti-Aging products.

These products are recommended:

So they apply eye pads properly

Thus, eye pads, your full effect, you should use your eyes before the first application clean, all traces of Make-up to remove. Then proceed as follows:

Another tip: Keep the eye pads (especially in the warm summer months) in the refrigerator on, the cooling effect to increase.

The best home remedies for dark circles

Before eye pads have conquered the market, there were already effective home remedy against dark shadows under the eyes. Among the most Famous are these three:

Green Tea
It contains valuable antioxidants and tannins: Green tea can help fight under-eye circles quickly and effectively. Take two ready-made tea bags and let a few minutes in warm water – then they come for 30 minutes in the fridge before you put the bag for ten minutes on your (closed) eyes.

Slices of cucumber
Also cucumber have a cooling effect on the eyes and counteract the rings, by reducing swelling and dark shadows disappear. In addition, slices of cucumber moisturise the skin – you need this only before use in the fridge and then on your closed eyes.

Coconut oil
That coconut oil is good for skin and hair, there is likely not a mystery to be. In fact, few people know, however, that its active ingredients can also help against rings around the eyes: RUB the moisturizing Oil gently on the swollen areas of the skin and leave it on over night feed, so it can effect of intensive.

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