Dior Picks Transgender Celebrity Jin Xing to Front Fragrance

SHANGHAI — Chinese transgender personality and pioneer Jin Xing is the new face of Dior’s J’adore fragrance, a choice that was met with excitement and lots of praise from social media.

To announce the partnership, the French luxury house released a video in which Jin monologues about the value of independence and individuality, as well as the bumpy road that was her transition.

A former male ballet dancer and army colonel, Jin was the first person in China to publicly undergo gender reassignment surgery in 1995, bringing the issue to the forefront of national conversation at the time.

Jin became a bona fide celebrity in 2013 when she took on the role of judge for China’s debut of “So You Think You Can Dance,” winning over audiences for her blunt but heartfelt reactions, and also went onto host her own program, “The Jin Xing Show” between 2015 and 2017.

“When I chose to become a woman, to become a mother, a wife and face society anew, at the time 80 percent was worry, doubt and even contempt,” she shared in a video hashtagged #DiorStandsWithWomen and #NaturalRealMe.

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“I told myself at the time, you made the right decision but you need to give society and people time to digest and understand. People who previously doubted me and despised me now have evolved to like me and become my fans or people who appreciate my work.”

“Persisting is a matter of a lifetime,” Jin added.

While Jin is somewhat of an outlier — wider societal views in China about the transgender community are mixed — the comments were overwhelmingly positive.

“She represents courage, optimism, bravery, happiness!” one user said.

Another added: “I love sister Xing forever. Jin Xing accompanied me through the lowest period of my life. Listen to Jin Xing and be a strong, independent female, a gentle but firm mother.”


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