Cosmetics: New Skin Care Trends

Verwöhnprogramm für the skin: Why we now see black, in jars and tubes on a treasure hunt k&ouml go;can and active ingredients drink instead of creams

In the facial care hit: Trendsetter schwören is now on active carbon

Üyou berblicken all of the current Beauty Trends? If you find that the terms Glass Skin, active carbon, eyelash Booster, High Definition powder, Anti-Pollution Serum and micro silver so far, not much to say, you should definitely read on. Außalso, we report from the latest nail Polish Trends, drinkable skin care, and electrically driven Hautbüfirst:

Shift work für gläsernes look

The Trend comes from Asia. In Südkoreaner inside &quot is;Glass Skin" currently, as the ultimate. How to care for the skin, so you almost gläfibers appear? It uses scrubs, creams, masks and serums über and to each other. Product Layering experts call the method. What products combine well? "After a mild Vorwäash, for example, with cleaning foam, and provide you with a gentle scrub or enzyme peeling für deep-pore Reinheit", Sarah Siegler, pharmaceutical technical assistant (PTA) said in a pharmacy in Bisingen.

Then köone nne face water ­use a moisture serum, apply around the eyes, apply an eye cream and a regenerating mask apply.
A Lotion with UV-A and UV-B filters schüprotects the complexion außerdem in front of the
Sun. You should, however, möas possible easily &ndash fail; as well as Make-up, so that both combines well. This is too much? Product ­­Layering doesn’t have to be. On ­most important in skin care the t&auml is;daily intake of moisture. ­Dafür genügene Serum and cream – in the morning and in the evening.

Charcoal black, but clean

Active carbon, especially daf&uuml was previously;to stop r known by the case. Now you should skin and hair verschönern. Masks, scrubs, and hair treatments are free of environmental dirt and too much sebum, blackheads and Entzündungen prevention. Even Zäwages are supposed to be weißhe, if you clean them with coal-toothpaste (the ingredient heißt then "charcoal"). A so-called Black Mask, one can herstel&shy self;­len. This includes medical carbon (10 grams) from the pharmacy in a mask (100 grams) rühren.

Siegler: "Because activated carbon grease and moisture, the products are für normal to oily skin suitable, less well-für dry."

From pharmaceutical substance to the eyelashes Booster

Eye drops to reduce erhöelevated intraocular pressure impressed the users with an unexpected Extra performance. The active ingredients (Prostaglandin analogues) eyelashes läViking and poet. As a care serum, which was the result of the Schödetermination of the effect of the substance.

What to consider in the application? "Since Wimpernhäof a monarch about two months to grow, power in ­this time, the tädaily application Sinn", so Siegler. After that, it was not enough Serum to go every two to three days before bed on clean lashes to apply and the effect tagsüber with a Mascara with wachstumsfördernden materials to unterstüsupport.

A Toast to the skin and Haare 

We knew it längst: True Schöbeauty comes from the inside! "The skin ernähaupts&auml hrt;actually üabout the circulation of the blood and the Mikrokapillaren", bestäthe skin doctor Dr. Werner Voss from M&uuml needed;window. The idea of skin to take firmer and wrinkle killer, rather than to apply cream, is ­so close.

For example, collagen: An ampoule with the Strukturmolekül täresembled the skin from the inside to cushion and jücustomizable look. Äsimilar positive taking gold millet is supposed to be on the hair. PTA Sarah Siegler: "Three months of treatment with the extract can the growth phase of the hair verlängern."

High Definition is now the Make-up

In HD only on your TV are not irradiated. In the Showbiz and at the Film Set gehört so-called HD powder already läcustomizable to Ausrüstung by makeup artists. Actresses see neither ­gläshiny still chalky. The secret: The powder enthält hardly talc, ­dafür more mica.The result is a natüterrible "Glow" (English für Shine, shimmer, Shine), with the skin still shines through.

"Blot the powder with a cotton pad on the skin, or use a powder brush on Handrücover slightly abklopfen", erklärt Sarah Siegler. "Avoiding the eyelids, so that nothing goes into the eye." HD-­Powder, there are, among other things, transparent, in soft shades of yellow and Bronze für a complexion like sonnengebräunt.

Nail Polish Trends

Metallic: Whether as a colorful shimmer, glamourös in Gold, silver or copper
or as a glitter-Ümoving to a für painted ­Nägel: fingertips dümetal may now gläcoins.

Nude: Delicate, transparent Naturtöne ergäcoins, flashy Make-up ­perfect. Wäyou can choose to match the skin tone a pastel Pfirsich­nuance, a gentle ­Beige or bright Rosé.

Red: Red is also 2018 en vogue. The color palette ranges from Ferrari to Red, from Bordeaux to dark berry Tö. Especially schön short, round-filed Närules.

Environmental stress is no longer under the skin

Fine dust, nitrogen oxides, ozone, and cigarette smoke damages not only our breathing. The skin is the environmental toxins from the air stäfully aus­set. Healthy cells to schüsupport, there are now Anti-Pollution serums and creams. They contain ­Active ingredients such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Sägetang (Fucus serratus) and Forsythosid B from buckthorn,  to guard the skin against air pollutants.

"These special formulations provide sensitive skin with regelmäßsodium zusäadditional protection in the Alltag", Siegler says. Dermatologist Voss reacts on the Trend: "Make sure that your Tages­-cream antioxidants such as Vitamin E enthält and über min­least protection factor 15 verfügt. In order to reach a Großpart of the möaligned protection."

Electrifying Cleaning Trend

In the case of Americans gehören lästart the Beauty Routine: electrically powered Bübrushes for skin cleansing. These are environmental dirt, bacteria and germs, as well as Make-up especially grühourly remove. Side-effect: The skin is better supplied with blood, looks bright and fresh. Dermatologist Voss: "Electrical Gesichtsbübrushes stimulate the skin’s functions – and it is positive if it is in Maßen happens."

He rät, the rotating Büfirst once täpossible in combination with a mild cleansing lotion or cleansing milk to use – best in the evening and only in the case of healthy, non-entzündeter skin. Siegler ergänzt: "To avoid infection, wash the Büfirst – head after each use, grüof course, wöweekly with Shampoo, and leave it to air dry." Aufsätze after three months, replace it.

Make-up Update

Because of spotless schön: Are you supposed to swap.  Freckles, birthmarks, small scars and bumps can be hidden under Make-up layers.

Naked remains: minimal primer and just a hint of colour für cheeks and lips. The so-called Nude Trend continues.

We love eyeliner: Whether broad and rounded, with a swing to the top of a lower longer resounding range, or double drawn – flüsilk plaster liquid Eyeliner is a Makeup Must für a Trendsetter.

Smoky rocks: Smokey Eyes, stay an eye-catcher. Upper eyelid up to the Brow light, the crease, as well as the &auml priming, ;ußeren edge of the movable Lids dark makeup, the eyes with a dark eyeliner ­­edge and the line, gently smudging. Eyelashes krästrong inks.

Metals with healing effect

Silver compounds are always been used to disinfect wounds and heal faster. Now micro-silver and makes a splash. It’s in many products, from face cream to Fußbalm.

Skin doctor Voss: "Micro-silver is already in a low concentration is very effective and außerdem very good verträpossible, because it acts as a preservative, but not in the skin ­penetrates." PTA Siegler recommends the ­Substance für entzüfriends, atopic skin, the skin flora to stäTurks and Regeneration to unterstüsupport. ­A Repair-foam with micro silver köit is nne for irritated, geröteter skin as well how to apply in the case of acne or ­a wounds, diaper butt.

Also copper is a good für wound healing: It has antibacterial and should also improve the elasticity of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Siegler: "Creams with copper to make für all skin types from 30 years of first lines and Fältchen sign."

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