Cardi B Brushed Her Hair With a Plastic Fork, and She's Not Mad About It

If anyone knows how to curate a wig moment, it's Cardi B. I mean, the woman matched her rainbow hair to her heels to celebrate pride month. But even when you've got millions of dollars and professional hair stylists in your entourage, it doesn't mean much when you forget to pack a brush.

Cardi's stylist Tokyo Stylez posted a video to Instagram on Monday that shows Cardi in all her silver lamé jumpsuit glory, backstage at the Drake and Migos show in Los Angeles before her surprise appearance. That backstage scene seems like it should involve people rolling around in money and popping champagne. Instead, Stylez caught Cardi combing her wig with a fork. Not even a fork made of gold — a regular, plastic, grabbed-it-from-the-craft-services-table fork.

"When all fails use the fork aka dingle hopper …… still laid," she captioned the video in a nod to The Little Mermaid. Can someone please tap Cardi to play Ariel in some sort of live-action remake? A rap version of "Part of Your World" needs to happen.

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Even while running a cheapo plastic fork through her very expensive wig, Cardi seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing. I am always that person that forgets to pack a hair brush and is forced to hack my hair out with a tiny comb in the hotel bathroom, so not only can I relate to this on an existential level, but I now have a new hair tool to try.

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