You're Gonna Want to Make These 4 New Year's Resolutions for 2023

Being a parent is about ushering a small human safely to adulthood, but it can also be a good excuse to reassess your own habits as well. Take, for example, flossing, a thing we all know we should do but might not be so great about. Then, suddenly, you have to tell that small human that they should floss. And, unless you were already one of only 30% of American adults who floss daily, you might think it’s time to start that flossing habit you have to preach about yourself. (Related: Is there a way to find out how many daily flossers are parents?)

Of course, being a parent doesn’t mean you automatically become a paragon of virtue; sometimes it just means you also get a little better at hiding some of your bad habits. But some of those good habits are bound to wear off, too. Sometimes, (re)building good habits can even be a family project. After all, it’s the examples parents set, more than the words they say, that have the most lasting impact. So if you want your kids to have less screen time, play outside more, or be cleaner, you might have to lead the way.

And what better time of year to do it than in January? We don’t technically need a new year to pick up new habits, but the clean slate of a new calendar is a good excuse to take stock, refocus, and set goals. Here are four that will benefit everyone in the family.

Cut Back on Screen Time

With smartphones and tablets, it’s all too easy for kids and adults to opt for watching TV or playing games over spending time with friends or reading a book. But screen time has been shown to inhibit brain development. Whether you’re hoping to get your family off their phones at dinner or to encourage more active play, you’re not alone.

“I always think families can benefit from limiting screen time — and often, that starts with the parents,” Dr. Amna Husain, pediatrician and founder at Pure Direct Pediatrics, tells SheKnows. She recommends placing your phone on Do Not Disturb mode or finding other ways to make it harder to reach for, like turning off notifications or placing your phone on a high shelf when you come home.

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