What It Means If You Are Destiny Number 22


By Jona Jaupi/Aug. 25, 2021 8:03 pm EDT

If you’re someone who is into astrology or who enjoys engaging with the online spiritual community, then you have likely heard of numerology — the belief that numbers and certain numerical synchronicities hold mystical and symbolic meanings that relate to one or more occurrences. The practice has been used around the world (in one way, shape or form) for a very long time, dating back to the ancient worlds of Babylon and Greece (per Allure). 

So how does it work? In its most basic form, numerology postulates that each letter relates to a number, and each number holds a frequency that relates to certain universal truths (via CBS Minnesota). The version of numerology most commonly used today is based on ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras’ teachings, where you plug your birthdate and full names into user-friendly formulas that can calculate things such as your “life path” and “destiny” numbers, via Allure. 

Similar to your astrological natal chart, these special numbers are then used to provide insight on your respective life journey, as well as individual personality traits and attributes. Your destiny number (sometimes referred to as your expression number), in particular, relates to your personal identity and being (in other words, the inner you and how you express that), according to Allure. It also appropriately signifies the actions you will take in life that will ultimately shape your destiny (via Numerology Column). There are two very special numbers in numerology, which are called Master Numbers: 11 and 22 (per Allure). 

Calculating your destiny number

To calculate a life path number, all you need to do is add the value of your numerical birthdate, however, calculating your destiny number is a little trickier. First, you have to figure out the numerical equivalent of each letter in your full name (first, middle, last). According to Allure, 1 = A, J, and S; 2 = B, K, and T; 3 = C, L, and U; 4 = D, M, and V; 5 = E, N, and W; 6 = F, O, and X; 7 = G, P, and Y; 8 = H, Q, and Z; 9 = I and R. 

After you figure out the value of each letter, you must then add them up to get a total for each name. Each respective total should then be reduced to a single digit, and then added all together. Subsequently, you reduce that remaining value to single digit value UNLESS you’re left with an 11 or 22, which do not get reduced further. To put this into practice, we will use Jacqueline Kennedy as an example. The formula for her first name would look like 1+1+3++8+3+5+3+9+5+5=43, with 43 being reduced to 4+3=7. Her last name would look like 2+5+5+5+4+7=33, with 33 being reduced to 3+3=6. We then add up those totals, so that 7+6=13, with 13 being reduced to 1+3=4. Therefore, Jacqueline Kennedy’s destiny number is 4. 

Destiny number 22 holds a special meaning

If you calculated your destiny number and found the results to be 22, then you’re in for an interesting treat. Master number 22 is considered to be an extension of the number 4 and is sometimes written out as “22/4”. Due to 22 being a master number, it operates at a higher vibration than single digit numbers and is often referred to as the “Master Builder” (via Allure). 

Master Number 22 represents someone who creates a longstanding legacy. This number tends to manifest its desired realities no matter how out-of-reach they may seem. If you’re Master Number 22, you dream big and see promise in situations where others may not (per World Numerology). This destiny number also may have dealt with instability in their childhood, however, it is that adversity that enables them to see just how self-reliant and strong they are, according to Numerologist. Overall, Master Number 22 is creative, innovative, dependable, and pragmatic, according to World Numerology.  

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