The Best C-Section Recovery Products — for Soothing, Healing & Recovering

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While most expectant parents learn all about the process of labor and delivery, it’s unlikely you know everything you need to know about C-sections until you actually have one. And while your OBGYN will give you all the important post-op instructions (which you should follow!) and necessary prescriptions, you might not know there also are over-the-counter products available to ease your C-section recovery.

A Cesarean birth is major abdominal surgery, of course, and C-section recovery will take weeks, if not a couple of months. Not only will your stomach muscles be weakened and sore from the surgeon slicing through them to scoop out your new bundle of joy, but that several-inch-long incision is going to be a pretty big wound for your body to heal. You’ll later learn to love that C-section scar (like celebrity moms Amy Schumer and Alyssa Milano) and see it as a badge of honor. But in the beginning, it’s just going to be super sensitive and itchy. Plus, we’re sorry to say that swelling is yet another common post-surgical side effect.

But hold on; don’t freak out! Your body will recover, and before long, the pain and discomfort will be a distant memory. Until you get there, though, you can turn to these C-section recovery products to help you feel better, heal faster and take care of your baby easier. From belly-supporting undergarments to protective incision patches to soothing scar creams, we’ve rounded up the best items so you can focus more on your new baby and less on your post-surgery journey.

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