Shawn Johnson East Shared the Cutest Video of 7-Month-Old Jett's Latest Milestone & Big Sis Drew is Hilariously Unimpressed

Shawn Johnson East was super excited when her 7-month-old son Jett pulled himself up for the first time. Her 2-year-old daughter Drew? Not nearly as impressed. The Olympic gymnast shared a cute video of Jett hitting his big milestone, alongside the caption: “Over or under one month until @jettjameseast is walking?!”

Then, hilarity ensues. 

“Holy smokes! What the heck? Jeez!” East’s husband Andrew exclaimed in the background, as he watched his son stand. Then, he turned the camera on his daughter. “Drew, what do you think about that?” he asked. Drew decided to keep it real. She applied chapstick and looked in the other direction.

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It can be a little tricky for older siblings to share the spotlight with new babies. East has a feeling that there will be a fast bond, though. When the athlete was pregnant with Jett, she told Parents that she was confident about Drew’s skills as a big sister.

“I think she’s going to be amazing,” East said. “My sister-in-law just had a baby, her third. And we were fortunate enough to be able to go visit and my daughter just fell in love with him and just the concept of Baby. She was so gentle and she’s just a little lover, so I think she’s gonna love him.”

And, if this extremely adorable picture is any indication, the two are already the best of buds.

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East has been candid about the struggles of being a multitasking mama to two children — especially when she was pregnant with Jett. “On top of all the unknowns of the pregnancy, the pandemic definitely made it a little scarier,” she told Parents. “Being pregnant though with a toddler — it’s definitely crazy. It makes pregnancy life a little bit more intense”

So, what’s the secret to keeping everything (relatively) under control?

“I feel like as a parent, it’s all foreign territory. And you just kind of have to learn the hard way with everything,” East explained. “I think for me and my husband, we just take things with a grain of salt and not to obsess too much on perfection.”

That’s good advice, but we’re kind of obsessed with just how perfect Drew’s big-sister nonchalance is.

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