Shawn Johnson East & Husband Drank a Cappuccino Made From Her Breastmilk

Olympic gold medalist (and my fellow Nashvillian) Shawn Johnson East has always been blunt about the trials and tribulations of new mom life. Since even before she and husband Andrew East welcomed daughter Drew Hazel East in October 2019, she’s been open about everything from her pregnancy cravings (bagels) to her C-section details. And while her latest reveal may feel like TMI to some, we honestly just love her even more for it: Johnson East told Us Weekly on April 7 that her husband was not above crafting a coffee drink using Johnson East’s breast milk. And they both drank it, of course.

When asked if she had tried her daughter’s baby food, Johnson East said no — but then one-upped that very question with her coffee confession. “I have not [tried baby food], but my husband made — he actually did this — a breast milk cappuccino,” Johnson East told Us.

Honestly, amazing. Use that milk up! Waste not, want not!

But wait, we have more questions: Did Andrew actually drink this thing? Did Shawn?

“Yes, I tried it,” she told the publication. “So did he.”

And perhaps most important: How was it?

“Nasty,” Johnson East said.

Personally, I’m not surprised it wasn’t the tastiest concoction. I, too, have drunk quite a bit of my own breastmilk. Desperate times! I once found myself alone in a Long Island Railroad train car when the train broke down and wouldn’t move for hours; the only things I had with me were my purse and my cooler full of breastmilk. It was 10 pm; I hadn’t eaten since noon. You better believe I chugged 10 ounces of my own (iced, thankfully) milk in order to stave off hunger and probably also a panic attack. And it did help. Was it “nasty” like Johnson East says? Yeah. Pretty much.

And it sounds like Johnson East and I need to be buddies because she, too, is no stranger to the surprisingly large portion of mom life that involves dealing with bodily fluids in public; in the same Us interview, she also opened up about little Drew’s diaper blowout the airport.

“Literally she exploded right before we got on a plane,” Johnson East said. “I changed her, changed her outfit, got on the plane, sat down in a seat. I was sitting in the middle seat of three with her, and she did it again. I had to change her on my lap in the seat.”

Girl, I’ve been right there. And so has fellow star Ashley Graham, in fact, plus countless others of course. Gosh, isn’t the long-distance bonding vicariously over breastmilk and diaper blowouts truly the best part of celeb moms being so goddamn honest these days? We’re so into it.

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