Shakira Shared a Rare Peek at Her Home Life & Got Candid About Motherhood

Shakira is known for having hips that don’t lie, and if there was ever a question, we now know that she doesn’t lie either. The singer was incredibly honest and vulnerable in a recent interview with People en Espanol, sharing upsetting details about her split with ex-husband and former soccer player Gerard Pique and what she hopes for their two children, Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8.

Perhaps the best way she has explained her hopes for them is in the lyrics of her new song “Acrostic.” “The only thing I want is your happiness,” she sings, and it’s a line all parents can relate to — something she doesn’t leave to chance. The boy mom has been extremely intentional about creating an environment for happiness after moving her family from Europe to Miami.

“My [little] free time, I have had to dedicate to fighting to get my children, my parents, my new life outside of Spain afloat. Provide a new home for my children,” she said. “… I am with them and for them, and working to offer them a structure that gives them stability. Little by little I am getting it, rebuilding the nest.”

And why is that? Because they are “everything” to the “Waka Waka” singer. “They inject me with indescribable strength every day, and they also fill me with joy every day,” Shakira professed, making us tear up.

With all the recent turmoil in her life — divorcing her husband of more than a decade and dealing with her father’s multiple health scares — it’s no wonder she is thinking about “all the attacks of life” her children will face and hopefully overcome. She hopes all the pain she says they have “unfairly faced” will make them “more compassionate, empathetic, stronger, and nobler.” It’s also no wonder she is placing even more value on every minute she gets to spend with them. To, as she says, listen to them, observe them, hug them, and kiss them.

“I dream … that they can become completely happy, and that they can one day enjoy a family which we could not offer them, and that they can become free but good men,” she said. “Happy, but careful with others. May they take care of their future families with courage and honesty … [and] have values and a purpose in life that transcends beyond themselves.”

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