Reddit Slams This Dad After He Skipped His Pregnant Wife’s Doctor Appointment for an Extremely Selfish Reason

Pregnancy means a lot of doctor appointments. And if you’re considered high-risk, it could mean even more — so it’s totally understandable if a partner can’t make it to every single one. My husband only has a limited amount of sick time, so he saved it so he could attend the biggest appointments with me when I was pregnant. But this one dad didn’t show up to his pregnant wife’s anatomy scan for a super selfish reason, and Reddit justifies the wife’s heated reaction.  

In the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit, a mom wrote about how “excited” she is expecting her first baby with her husband. There’s only one problem — when it comes to dad duties, this guy is suspiciously MIA.

“He barely attends any dr appointments with me and his excuses aren’t even valid,” she wrote. “He’s willing to miss the dr appointment over soccer or a drink or board game with friends. His response is always ‘I’m not the one carrying the baby, why do I have to go see the dr with you?’”

Excuse me, what? Women already know that we have to do all the work when it comes to growing a tiny human in our own bodies (RIP pre-baby breasts), which is why a loving partner usually steps up. Foot massages, middle-of-the-night food runs, and more are the bare minimum a partner can do to support their pregnant partner. But this garbage husband thinks that he can hang out with friends because it’s not his body? How rude!

“Last week was my final straw,” the mom continued. “He was supposed to come with me for the baby’s gender reveal appointment but he chose to not come last minute because his friend invited him to fish ‘n’ chips meal. I was pretty livid but didn’t make a fuss about it. Mom went with me instead.”

Fish ‘n’ chips? Fish ‘n’ chips?! How is that in any way comparable to this appointment, where you will find out your baby’s gender, and probably do a full anatomy scan, too? What a jerk.

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