Queer Eye’s Tan France: I Received ‘Really Horrible’ Messages After Baby News

How rude! While Tan France received “beautiful messages” after announcing his and husband Rob France’s upcoming baby boy’s summer arrival, he also received “really horrible” ones. Watch the latest episode of Moms Like Us above to hear what the Queer Eye star, who recently partnered with Yasso, had to say.

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“I posted the announcement, and we were inundated with beautiful, beautiful messages,” he explained of his April 13 baby announcement to Us Weekly. “But 5 percent, maybe 3 percent, were really horrible. And it was, basically like, ‘This is terrible you’re doing this. Babies should only be conceived naturally.’”

The Netflix personality, 38, said that he was “shocked” by the comments and wished people “understood the process better.”

“People seemed to think that I was kidnapping the lady, raping her and trapping [her] in my basement, tying her it to a radiator until she had my baby,” he added. “That couldn’t be further from the truth. People wanted to be my surrogate. We have a wonderful relationship. I think that there’s a really archaic idea of what surrogacy and IVF is. These children, these babies are real babies. The amount of times I hear that they’re artificial babies … they are not artificial babies.”

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While he couldn’t help but write back to try to explain the process, he admitted that he eventually blocked some of the commenters.

“I responded to a couple of [them] saying, ‘I think you’ve misunderstood what IVF and what surrogacy is, because to go through surrogacy, you have to go through IVF and I don’t think you’ve understood what it is. Please understand that this woman volunteered to be a surrogate,’” he told Us. “So, I only responded to two and I left those comments up for a while. And then I just blocked those people.”

Tan also opened up about what he thinks is a mistake people make when choosing a donor: “Go for somebody for the right reasons, not because they’re hot.”

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“The amount of people who have asked how attractive is she, I couldn’t care less,” he said. “‘Did you go for something that looks like a supermodel?’ Couldn’t care less. That is not important. You never know what you’re going to get, just because you have two people who are attractive, does not mean that your child is going to be gorgeous. Don’t be so superficial. Really understand the person’s character traits and try and get to know who they are as people.”

Since announcing his baby news, Tan has partnered with the frozen dessert brand Yasso.

“I love something low in calories and this is only 60 calories so I can have a couple and feel real good,” he said. “I’m a big Greek yogurt fan. So it’s Greek yogurt, chocolate, which I’m obsessed with and quinoa crispies.”

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