Mother Teresa Birth Anniversary 2019: Five inspirational books for kids

Mother Teresa 109th Birth Anniversary: Read these inspirational books on Mother Teresa, with illustrations and archival photos, with your kids.

Mother Teresa Birth Anniversary 2019: Mother Teresa is still revered and fondly remembered by all for her work for the poor and helpless. On the occasion of her 109th birth anniversary, we bring you some children’s books on the Nobel Peace Prize recipient that will inspire your kids.

Mother Teresa by Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel (Age 5+)

This book is part of the Little People, BIG DREAMS series that narrates the life of Mother Teresa with catchy illustrations and a biographical timeline with historical photos.

Who was Mother Teresa by Jim Gigliotti, Who HQ (Age 8+)

Agnes Bojaxhiu, born in what is now Albania, chose the path of religion at the age of 18. She walked the streets of Calcutta to help the poor and needy. She came to be known as Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa: The Smile of Calcutta by Charlotte Grossetete (Age 6+)

Through this book, children will learn about the inspiring life story of Mother Teresa whose kindness and compassion for the destitute will teach kids the values of humanity. She founded an order of sisters, Missionaries of Charity, to serve the poorest of the poor.

Stories Told by Mother Teresa (Age 6+)

This is an interesting collection of stories based on how Mother Teresa experiences her daily work on the streets of Calcutta. These stories will surely inspire young readers.

Mother Teresa: A Photographic Story of a Life by Maya Gold, DK (Age 10+)

This book is filled with interesting facts and archival pictures about Mother Teresa, her contributions and message of love and kindness that will engage children.

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