Macklemore’s 1-Year-Old Realizing His Dad Is Famous Is the Most Adorable TikTok You’ll See Today

We know a lot of celebrities whose kids aren’t interested in watching their parents’ TV shows, movies, and performances, but they usually know that their parents are famous and have some understanding of what that means. Well, Macklemore’s 1-year-old son was in for the shock of his life when he finally learned that his dad is a celebrity.

In a now-viral TikTok the rapper posted Wednesday, we see the moment it all clicked for little Hugo who Macklemore shares with wife Tricia Davis. He’s standing in the family’s living room in just a diaper and is perfectly still with his hands behind his back. His blue eyes are wide and his jaw is practically touching the floor as he watches his dad perform on TV. He even gasps as it all sinks in, and now we are staring at him the same way he is staring at his dad because how can Hugo be so cute?!

“Sometimes you gotta let your kids know who’s cooking their pasta 😂,” Macklemore captured the video.

It’s hard to say just how long Hugo will be so stunned by (and seemingly impressed with) his dad’s fame. In the background, one of Macklemore’s daughters — he is dad to Sloane, 8 and Colette, 5 — sits on the couch looking like she couldn’t care less about the situation.

“he’s just wondering how long his pasta is going to take 😂,” someone commented, to which Macklemore said, “😂 Chill.”

“This is the BEST 😂,” one follower wrote.

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