Kim Kardashian West Slams Mommy-Shamers Griping About Saint's 'Pacifier'

Mommy-shamers, step off. Kim Kardashian West knows she can’t get a break when it comes to her parenting — and she’s over it. 

On Tuesday, Kardashian West shared a sweet recent photo of herself with son Saint, 2, and daughter Chicago, 9 months on Instagram. No big deal, right? Wrong. This is the internet, people.

“Missing my babies!" Kardashian West first captioned the shot while she was on holiday in Uganda with hubby Kanye West and daughter North, 5 (the littles stayed at home). Then, when commenters freaked out at what they thought was a pacifier in Saint’s mouth, she edited the caption to add: "P.S. mom shammers [sic] it’s not a pacifier, he’s eating candy!”  

Oopsie. Instantly, she was nailed to the wall (metaphorically speaking, of course, although we worry that some of the commenters have actual nail guns at the ready). Commenters had a field day arguing whether candy or pacifiers were actually good for a toddler — and what it meant about Kardashian West’s parenting.

Haters are indeed gonna hate. Some comments were judgmental about the candy:

"Umm some mom’s [sic] might think the candy is worse," one said.

Another added, "Just as bad, beautiful… we can learn from others… sometimes x"

Others were judgmental about the baby’s outfit:

One commenter questioned, "Where is Chicago’s socks? Everyone is dressed warm."

"A sweater and pants on your baby, but no socks on her feet..????" chided another.

We also had an environmentalist get involved, calling out Kardashian West for her involvement in the ruining of the globe:

"We’re slowly killing the earth by producing billions of tons of plastic every year and the consumerist culture you promote is part of the reason! Just in case you’re interested :)) Keep doing u hon xx"

There are always defenders, though, when it comes to the Kardashian clan. One commenter wrote, "It’s a two-year-old what two-year-old doesn’t eat candy? I’m sure the child has a well-functioning diet outside of that little pacifier of candy…."

Whew. Maybe you should have just let them think it was a pacifier, Kim. But you can’t win; we get it.

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