Kid Party Supplies You'll Want to Steal for Your Own Birthday

Is it just us, or have kids party supplies gotten beyond chic lately? In fact, 2020’s crop is so cute, we might just start using them for our grown-up events, too. So we rounded up some fun party products that you can reuse for just that: your own birthday party, spring soirée (if the season ever gets here), or even just a particularly fancy weekend meal. We searched high and low for the coolest and cutest new items: innovations such as instant balloons (no more blowing them up!), eco-friendly glitter (it’s biodegradable!), magical unicorns (from Martha Stewart!), sparkly party headbands, and more are included in this handy roundup for your perusal — and for all your party-planning needs.

So click on through and stock up on adorable supplies for your upcoming kids’ party; then, pack those cuties up and reuse them for your own fête. Because not all kids’ parties have to be filled with garish cartoons or generic-looking themes. These days, you can delight all ages with a sparkly-chic photo backdrop or a trendy piñata. Happy party planning!

Party fans

These chic sets of fans in coordinating colors from Coterie can double as year-round decor for a kids room — or, hell, even your room.

“Let’s Party” headbands

Good old Target; there are always plenty of festive products at the big-box superstore. We love these “Let’s Party” headbands from the Ginger Ray line.

Instant balloons

Admit it: Balloons can be a bummer. Helium is expensive, transporting balloons is cumbersome, and blowing them up yourself is tiring and can feel like it takes forever. Enter Bunch O Balloons’ newest product: The Party Balloons pump can inflate 40 balloons at once — they’re even pre-tied and come with strings attached. And the reusable balloons self-seal! The starter pack comes with 16 balloons and an electric pump (plus adapters and hose).

Image: Zuru.

Eco-friendly glitter

Biodegradable glitter is plastic-free and so much better for kids’ parties and crafts than traditional glitter. This “bioglitter” is made from eucalyptus cellulose core, which means it’s softer and can biodegrade in as little as 30 days. It has FDA approval for use on skin, too! Now your kid’s party residue doesn’t have to live forever in your lawn (and your carpet, your car, your dog’s fur…). 

Image: Today Glitter.

Emoji plates

Kids love all things emoji, right? And these party plates are plenty aesthetically pleasing for adults as well. The set of eight 8” pastel plates is embellished with gold foil.

Emoji Plates, $7.50 at Oh Happy Day Shop

Image: Oh Happy Day Shop.

Iridescent unicorn supplies

Leave it to Martha Stewart to drum up some amazing party decor. The domestic diva’s Michaels line Celebrations is defininitely one you’ll want to co-opt for your own party. Check out the magical iridescent items, from a shiny cupcake tray to a cool chandelier.

Martha Stewart Iridescent Tiered Tray, $16 at Michaels

Image: Martha Stewart Celebrations.

Flamingo piñata

This 23” pink flamingo piñata can hold plenty of treats — or keep the pretty bird intact and use him for multiple parties as decor. This guy would be equally at home at a kids’ celebration or a grown-up pool party. A zip-tie loop is included for hanging.

Flamingo Piñata, $16.99 at Party City

Image: Party City.

Moon & stars garland

This adorable garland can serve as year-round decor when the party is done. (It’s made of wood so it’ll last.) Silver glitter makes the moon and stars shine, and the neon coral thread is a fun touch.

Wooden Moon & Stars Mini Garland, $12 at Meri Meri

Image: Meri Meri.

Rainbow candles

These might be the prettiest things to ever grace a birthday cake. The pack from Merci Milo includes a dozen hand-dipped 6” beeswax candles in rainbow colors. They have a burn time of 30 minutes, prime for reuse!

Tall Rainbow Beeswax Candles, $12 at Merci Milo

Image: Merci Milo.

Photo backdrop

How fun is this backdrop? It’s perfect for party photos. Choose between rose gold or silver — and add some sparkle to your party.

Ginger Ray rose gold fringe curtain, $10.49 at Target.

Image: Target.

Mermaid treat bags

These shells are so cute and make great gift bags. From Meri Meri’s Let’s Be Mermaids collection, the bags have neon and silver tassels and holographic accents. The pack includes eight shell bags.

Shell Party Bags, $14 at Meri Meri

Image: Meri Meri.

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