Jewel's Son Had a 'Generosity Spirit' Birthday & Threw Fish in Lieu of Getting Gifts

Alaskan kids birthday parties sound very different from LA kids parties if singer Jewel’s story of her son’s seventh birthday is any indication.

Jewel told Us Magazine that before his seventh birthday, she asked son Kase to pick an object he "dearly loved" to part with by giving to a friend.

“He asked me, ‘How will I know if it’s something I really, dearly love?’” Jewel recounted to Us. “And I go, ‘Can you think of giving something away that would make you cry?’ And he instantly started crying.”

Sweet Kase wound up giving away his favorite crystal to a dear friend.

She continued, “I said, ’Think of someone you love that you would like to have it,’ and he did and he was so happy. He gave it to his friend.” Jewel said she hoped to teach her child “generosity spirit.”

On her son’s birthday, Jewel posted a sweet video of Kase on Instagram and told the story of his "earning" seven, not turning seven:

"It’s my sons birthday!! This year I told him he is ‘earning’ seven, not turning Seven! I wanted this to be a meaningful right of passage for him… this next phase of development is all about self discipline …( doing things with out being told) , knowing you can shape and have an effect on your surroundings by knowing your capable of good hard work (like cutting branches and clearing roots and carrying water and digging ditches and doing dishes !) and being able to contribute to your family, not just receive. so as part of Earning Seven, he gave something away he loves, to symbolize that we must have room to receive more. He helped mill timber and build his own “box of memories”. Each year he will write letter to his future self , and me and his family will write a letter to put in- and he can’t open the box until he is 18! We are so excited. Also, as a sign of true wealth, and to show generosity of spirit, he caught a beautiful fish and instead of eating it himself- he is feeding his whole family! We are going to have a traditional Yupik ‘throwing party’ where he gets to stand on the porch of the barn I was raised in, and throw his wrapped pieces of fish at his family- he is so excited to throw fish it’s not even funny!"

The singer continued in the caption, "I’m proud of the young man Kase is becoming. I tell him every day his life is his own. It begins now. And he is making great choices and living his values and that will lead him on a magical journey. I can’t wait to see where all it takes him, and to watch from the shore lines as Life takes him into her arms more and more … I love my little boy…. and am proud of the young man emerging. #happybirthday #mom #children#rightofpassage #earningit #alaska #family#tradition"

Melt! What a great mama. Fans were moved by the story and responded warmly:

  • "That’s so cool Jewel. Thank you for sharing Kase with us. It has been a joy to see him grow in to this young man so far. Keep teaching him your ways and he will be forever grateful as will the world for future generations like him."
  • "Love Jewel as an artist, love her as a beautiful women ,but what I like most about her is the way she interacts and teaches her son that’s the most beautiful thing about her."
  • "If only more parents taught this very valuable life lesson to their children."

We have a feeling Kase is a very special young man — he also loves Bob Dylan and shares in thoughtful conversations about music with his famous mom:

Jewel and Kase’s father — Ty Murray — were married from 2008 to 2014. No word if Murray was on hand for the Alaskan fish-throwing coming-of-age birthday festivities. But we love this glimpse into the reclusive singer’s world — and the beautiful love she has for her son.

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