Interior design trends for children in 2020

Be it thread lanterns or wall-hangings, DIY is the way to go.

By Gabriel Gil

Designing interiors for children involves recognising their individual interests, passions and the hobbies they take pleasure in. But it doesn’t have to be just Mickey Mouse themed wallpapers; the key is to find objects that appeal to kids and still hold aesthetical value. Also, the design should be cohesive. So as we enter a new decade, let’s look at some of the interior design trends for kids in 2020.

Warm colour palettes and vibrant accents

Children, regardless of their age, love colourful interiors. Shades like deep red, canary yellow and tangerine orange will shine this year. Fuchsia pinks, peachy corals and terracotta brown – warmer colours with a modern twist are also expected to gain popularity in 2020. If you are not ready to make a big change, start with cushion covers, curtains, table upholstery and small decorative fixtures. Bright coloured cushions, for example, can elevate the style of an otherwise plain room.


As our society embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s important to teach your children about sustainability. The inclusion of sustainable elements in the design can help one inculcate the values of protecting and nurturing the environment in children from a young age. This year, the top trendsetters won’t be plastic or any other synthetic materials, but recycled and upcycled items. The focus will be on ethically sourced decor items that are also environmentally-friendly. Also, usage of locally harvested materials such as bamboo, jute, rattan, etc, will become more commonplace. This can include bamboo baskets, jute rugs and chairs, and even upholstery made of burlap twine.

Nature-inspired elements

Nature plays quite an influential role in the world of interior designing. The past few years have seen the rise of biophilic design trends and 2020 will not be an exception. Incorporating nature inspired elements into the décor will also make your children care about their surroundings from a young age. You can use wooden furniture with natural impactions to add a rustic touch. Go for designs that feature markings and knots, and replicate real trees. Moreover, objects such as twigs, pebbles, logs, driftwood pieces, dried flowers, feathers, pine cones, etc, make for chic decor pieces.

DIY decor pieces

Yes, DIY decor items are making a comeback in 2020. Be it thread lanterns or wall-hangings, DIY is the way to go. Rather than buying wall art, turn your kids’ drawings into framed pieces. You can also encourage your kids to make crafts for their rooms as this will bring out their creative side. If they are below the age of five, you can still involve them in the process. Another trend that is going big now is a chalkboard wall where the kids can showcase their creativity and change them whenever they want!

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Dedicated green space

Indoor plants can liven up any space, irrespective of its size and style. Aloe Vera, Lucky Bamboo, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Red-edged Dracaena can be the perfect addition to your children’s room in 2020. While cacti and succulents are quite popular, they might not be a good fit for the younger ones. Instead, opt for plants that are easy to maintain and require minimum upkeep. Also, make sure that your kids do not have an allergic reaction to any specific plant.

(The writer is Senior Design Mentor at Bonito Designs.)

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