Happy Teachers’ Day: 6 books on teachers for kids

Happy Teachers’ Day: Teachers play a very important role in a child’s life. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day 2018, here are some books that parents can introduce their kids to:

Hit for a Six by Payal Dhar (Age 9+)

Thirteen-year-old Laila is crazy about cricket, but ever since her favourite player confessed to charges of match-fixing, it’s prompted her to rethink her love for the game. To add to this, she discovers that her school will be home to the town’s first ever girls’ cricket club. Can her hero’s betrayal and her love for the game coexist? Meanwhile, working on a school project about their town’s historical spots, Laila and her friends stumble upon a series of apparently unrelated questions that point to a mystery just begging to be solved. What is the secret behind the new owners of Laila’s erstwhile secret hideout, old Mister Marshall’s house? Who are the anonymous benefactors who have sponsored the renovation of Laila’s school? What is the secret behind the new girl Jasmine’s grumpiness and why is she so good at cricket? (Published by Rupa Books)

The Hill School Girls series by A Coven (Age: 9+)

The series narrates the exciting and challenging lives of four characters in a boarding school. The school aims at holistic learning. Students do not write exams but are encouraged to be close to nature, think and give their opinion rather than memorise things. (Published by Duckbill)

Miss Laya Starts Her Fantastic Motorbike by Mala Kumar (series) (Age: 3+)

Miss Laya, the games teacher, loves helping people. Join her and her fantastic motorbike as they vroom off and have different adventures. This is the first in a series of stories called Miss Laya’s Fantastic Motorbike. (Published by Pratham Books)

Nabiya by Chatura Rao (Age 4+)

The story revolves around a spirited young girl Nabiya who immerses herself in the collage of colours, textures and drawings. It is hard not to notice Nabiya in Savita Teacher’s English story classes. She listens so hard that she hardly blinks! Slowly, she begins to explore stories, delight in their words, pictures and funny moments. (Published by Tulika)

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes (Age: 3+)

Exuberant little Lilly the mouse loves everything about school, especially her beloved and very hip teacher Slinger. Lilly, however, begins to dislike him after he confiscates Lilly’s new purple plastic purse. Slinger brilliantly shows that a good teacher doesn’t just know how to make things fun and interesting, but also how to handle discipline and childhood outbursts. (Published by Greenwillow Books)

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Matilda by Roald Dahl (Age: 7+)

For a child like Matlida, with little or no support at home, her teacher Miss Honey turns out to be the biggest support. And when Matilda discovers a way to help her beloved teacher, their bond grows even deeper.

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