Gemini Celebrities Whose Personalities Makes So Much Sense

Astronomy and astrology often get confused for one another, but the study of celestial beings is vastly different than the belief a star’s alignment dictates your entire life. Astrology can give us a unique look into the future, personality traits and even our love lives. In fact, many people who don’t identify with their zodiac sign have likely never even read their birth chart, (via Allure), or the chart that shows the placement of the planets at the time of your birth.

However, with over 70 million Americans checking their horoscopes daily, (via Scientific American), who’s to say their beliefs don’t hold some kind of value?

Of course, as many practitioners know, astrology isn’t just used to tell fortunes. Knowing someone’s sign can offer more insight about them, as is the case with Geminis. The twin symbol is one of three air signs which signify intelligence, thoughtfulness, and good communication, (via Cosmopolitan). People born under Gemini are said to be charismatic, humorous, and able to “talk to a brick wall,” (via CoStar Astrology). Because of their twin element, Geminis are masters of duality, being both introverted and extroverted and quick to adapt to new environments. These personality traits could describe countless celebrities, but we narrowed it down to a list of stars that perfectly embody the dynamic star sign.

Laverne Cox was born May 29

Laverne Cox is proud of her Gemini traits, having taken to social media multiple times to wish her fellow Gems well on their respective birthdays. And it’s no secret the “Orange is the New Black” star was blessed with Gemini’s signature trait of versatility. We’ve seen this proven time and time again by Cox mastering a variety of roles in “Promising Young Woman,” “The Mindy Project,” and cultural psychological thriller “Bad Hair,” (via IMDb.) 

But Cox isn’t just adaptable through her professional life. According to a 2015 interview with Nylon, she is also committed to versatility through activism. “Ultimately, I’m a storyteller,” Cox admitted. “Imagining different ways to tell transgender stories. I’m really interested in changing the ways in which we talk with and about transgender people, not only in personal conversation but also how we cover those stories in the media.” There’s no one we’d rather have in charge of telling these stories. 

Amy Schumer was born June 1

Amy Schumer is often lauded for her comedic work, and we are so grateful to her for giving us gems like “Trainwreck” and “I Feel Pretty,” (via IMDb), but there’s more to the New York native than just her sense of humor. While she is a perfect example of a Gemini being expressive and quick-witted, (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), she also embodies the lesser known trait of being fearless, (via Allure).

In a 2019 interview with The Independent, Schumer discussed her real super power in dealing with her celebrity status. “Being cool is powerful in this industry, but there’s nothing more powerful than not giving a f**k.” 

Geminis’ innate duality is also fully on display now that Schumer has transitioned to motherhood. When asked by Entertainment Tonight, how her baby has changed her, Schumer responded, “In a million ways … Didn’t know I could love someone that much.” While we may be seeing a softer side to Schumer right now, she’s still committed to showing off her humorous Gemini roots with upcoming Hulu series, “Life & Beth,” (via Variety).

Awkwafina was born June 2

Another hilarious Gemini we had to include is Awkwafina. The rapper-turned-actress has shown us she can handle a wide range of genres, from starring in critically acclaimed “The Farewell” to lending her unique voice to kids’ flick “Angry Birds 2,” (via IMDb.) Awkwafina’s penchant for saying yes to whatever the industry throws at her is pure Gemini energy, and according to a 2016 interview with The Ringer, she’s been subconsciously manifesting her star sign since she was a teenager. 

“I will continue making music because that is what I’ve been doing since I was 16 years old,” Awkwafina explained. “I would get on the computer, produce beats, write songs. It’s been a passion for me since I was young.”

Being obsessed with the arts is a huge Gemini trope and likely why top careers for Geminis include comedian, talk show host, and writer, (via Horoscope.) Having a public social outlet for their creative ideas is basically a Gemini’s idea of heaven. And now that Awkwafina has become a household name, we’re guessing she’s feeling the love.  

Kanye West was born June 8

There’s know doubt that Kanye West would make this list. Who else has generated enough simultaneous backlash, (via BBC), and support to last a lifetime? In fact, West not only accepts his Gemini personality traits, he embraces them. 

In a 2014 interview with NME, West claimed that most musicians are Geminis. “I’d be biased to think that the community of Geminis is the most consistently in tune with what their spirit is telling them to do or why they have breath in their lungs,” stated West. “But I do think that creative Geminis — Tupac, Biggie, Prince, Miles Davis, all being Geminis – have, throughout history, been really in tune with those things.”

It’s a fact that West has a Gemini’s signature creative trait, but what about his inability to sit still? Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, which affects day-to-day lives, moods and habits. In particular, Geminis are gifted with being constantly lively and curious, (via Elite Daily). That may explain how the self-made West created a billion-dollar business with his Yeezy line, (via Forbes).

Shia LaBeouf was born June 11

Shia LaBeouf is the perfect example of a Gemini with a creative imagination. LaBeouf has shown fans his artistic personality since his Disney Channel break-out role as Louis Stevens, (via IMDb). But after becoming a child-star, LaBeouf remained committed to expanding his repertoire with unconventional projects like performance art, music videos and confusing interviews, (via Time). Who can forget the time LaBeouf donned a paper bag scrawled with the words “I am not famous anymore” over his head, (via Time)?

However, LaBeouf doesn’t just personify a Gemini through his creative choices. The zodiac sign has also showed up through his relationships. Gemini break-ups are notoriously messy. Because of their dual tendencies, Geminis tend to get confused easily, therefore dragging out relationships past their expiration date, (via CoStar Astrology.) The same can be said of LaBeouf’s relationship with musician FKA Twigs, which ended in assault allegations, (via New York Times). This isn’t the first of LaBeouf’s relationships to end disturbingly, but now that the star has publicly apologized and checked into an inpatient facility, (via Page Six).

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