Feng Shui Tips To Bring Good Luck Into Your Space

Judging by the countless stories from around the world about how feng shui has changed people’s lives, there’s a reason why so many home owners hire consultants to help them design their spaces. From attracting new love to landing a new job, feng shui adjustments can help make space for whatever you desire. If luck and financial growth are what you’re after, there are a few places to start redecorating.

Feng shui uses a bagua map to designate which areas of your home correspond with various areas of your life, such as career, family, finances, and more. Once you’ve laid out the bagua map in your space, you’ll quickly be able to pinpoint where the energy is getting stagnant. According to The Spruce, the southeast corner of your home represents your relationship with money and wealth in traditional feng shui. In modern disciplines, the money area is the left-hand corner of the space, as viewed from the floor plan. 

Once you find this area, take a look at the types of items that characterize the space. Is the area open and well-curated or is it cluttered and dark? Begin by removing excess clutter in this space and around your home for more opportunities and luck overall. Then, add a “wealth vase”, the outlet suggests. This ancient tool has deep symbolic roots and involves gathering various symbols and items from places that represent prosperity to you.

Natural elements can invite luck into your home

A baseline principle of feng shui involves choosing every item in your home with intention. Unless it brings you joy or serves a purpose, it’s time to toss it. The same rule goes for everything you purchase — make sure you love it before you invite it in. Good HouseKeeping explains that having natural elements such as freshly cut flowers can bring a sense of vitality and happiness into your home. Plus, the outlet notes, a bowl of fresh fruit can also become a magnet for wealth and prosperity. Next time you purchase lemons or oranges, put them in a bowl on your table and watch what happens.

Other natural decor includes stalks of bamboo that are said to bring good luck into your life. The Spruce explains that different numbers of reeds represent different things — for instance, two stalks correspond with attracting love, five impact your wealth, and seven represent improving health. Other items include a wealth fountain, a laughing buddha statue and a money tree — or another type of feng shui-approved plant. You can place these around your space or add a few elements to the financial corner of your home.

Lastly, having a well-organized and clean entryway invites new opportunities into your life uninhibited. Imagine this area as where you greet and cultivate new energy; when it’s cluttered, it can impact the way you feel, Good HouseKeeping explains.

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