Exclusive: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Shared His Heart-Melting 'Parenting Super Power' & Now We're Emo

We know that Marvel is having a [well-deserved] moment, but we don’t have to go to the movies to see a superhero in action. And that’s not because we don’t have a babysitter (although that certainly doesn’t help). It’s because if we want to see superhuman strength, we can find a parent who has been rocking a baby in their arms for the last two hours trying to get them to fall asleep. If we want to see someone spew intricate, far-reaching webs, we can find a parent who is negotiating with a toddler. And if we want to see a mind reader, we can find a parent who can predict exactly what will cause their child to melt down, or what they will ask for next.

Are you getting the picture? Parents have all sorts of superpowers — endurance, persuasion, patience — that keep the peace and keep villains (we’re looking at you, hanger!) at bay. So when we asked Jesse Tyler Ferguson — who shares sons Beckett and Sullivan with husband Justin Mikita — what his parenting superpower is, we were so touched by his answer.

“I think it’s Justin, to be honest,” he tells SheKnows exclusively. “He’s definitely the buttress that’s keeping the family together.”

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

“Yeah, I don’t know if I have one,” the actor continues, much to our disbelief. “I just reap the benefits of having someone who’s super organized and great at schedules. The scheduling literally gives me a headache. My mind spins with Beckett. He has a whole schedule of things to do. And then Sully is on his own sleep schedule and eating schedule. It’s a lot. So to have someone who’s so good with managing that is a true gift.”

Ok, now we’re all crying!

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