Everything You Need To Know About Using Pink Tourmaline

If you’re feeling disconnected from your inner self, down in the dumps, or spiritually unaligned, you might want to look into healing crystals. Whether you’re a quick believer or all-around unconvinced, more people are getting on board with the power of natural stones. As per Cosmopolitan, Gigi and Bella Hadid are fierce believers in crystals’ healing properties, turning to mother Yolanda’s crystal garden at their farm, while Kim Kardashian West used them to recenter herself after being robbed in Paris. Usually stoic Victoria Beckham surprisingly loves crystals too, keeping them backstage for quick relaxation, and powerhouse singer Adele uses them to combat stage fright (via The Sun). Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her “favorite” crystals on Instagram, and Kate Hudson keeps rose quartz heart crystals by her bedside (via Marie Claire). There’s clearly something in the crystal craze — and pink tourmaline is no exception.

Cosmopolitan explains that healing crystals have “the power to transform your mood and even a space’s energy,” even “getting rid of bad vibes” to recenter your spirit and feel balanced. These “mystical healing abilities” are echoed by Healthline, stating that “they’re thought to promote the flower of good energy” and “rid the body and mind” of negativity. Devotees claim there are very real physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism. No matter your stance, using crystals to center your mind for meditation is a great way to start — and why not try heart-opening pink tourmaline? Here’s everything we know about the mineral.

Tourmaline's surprising benefits

According to Healing With Crystals, pink tourmaline is an elbaite mineral and is a sister-crystal to purple, green, watermelon, and deep-red rubellite tourmaline. In general, tourmaline “releases tension,” and balances the “yin and yang in the body.” It makes your energy bubble up to the surface and start flowing, and can open up your body’s chakras and offer greater connection to your surroundings. The Spruce explains that all tourmaline crystals are useful in balancing “the feminine and masculine within ourselves,” as well as other opposing forces, and is a “grounding gemstone” for protection against negativity.

Tourmaline stones are fantastic crystals to start with, which will center your spirit and get you in touch with your heart and the natural world. As per Healing With Crystals, tourmaline is naturally healing, especially when it comes to the mind. It can help you “understand yourself and others,” “lessens fear,” makes you feel more confident when stepping out of your comfort zone. It can even feel like “a protective shield.” Many people choose to wear their tourmaline stones on a daily basis for this very reason, deflecting envy and pesky energy vampires. Once you wear a tourmaline necklace, ring, or bracelet, you might begin to attract “inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.” Prefer to not use jewelry? The Spruce mentions that tourmaline works great for your home’s feng shui, serving as a source of “energetic protection” around it. It will prevent “unwelcome energies from entering,” transforming negativity into comfort and joy.

Pink tourmaline is all about the heart

Now that we know all about tourmaline’s benefits, it’s time to get down to specifics. Just like black tourmaline is a Posh Spice fave for “boosting positivity” and acting as a “shield” against evil eyes (via Flare), and purple tourmaline is great for attracting creativity à la Picasso (via The Spruce), pink tourmaline has its own special powers, too. Your Tango describes pink tourmaline as a “healing stone” with metaphysical properties, known for having a “strong feminine vibration” that symbolizes getting in touch with your intuition. It is the crystal of “joy, hope, comfort, and support,” with vibrations that benefit your crown chakra above the head, or the “individual’s center of spirit” and greater consciousness (via Be My Travel Muse).

Pink tourmaline will truly take you higher, as it “encourages a cheerful state of mind” and erases emotional blocks to feel love over fear (via Your Tango). This stone will serve as a heart opener and help you trust enough to love again, even if it seems like an impossible task or you feel emotionally numb (via Crystal Vaults). In fact, per The Spruce, rosy pink tourmaline is all about the heart and is mainly connected to it. This is “a great stone for working on self-love,” especially if feeling lost, insecure, or weak. No matter how many times you’ve been hurt before, pink tourmaline can make you feel safe, “receptive to love from others” (and yourself), and can even work as an aphrodisiac.

Who should use pink tourmaline?

So who should use pink tourmaline? Well for starters, caregivers and anyone else who needs to recharge after emotional labor. As per Healing With Crystals, pink tourmaline serves “as an amulet for pediatricians, caregivers, nurses, teachers, mental health therapists,” or anyone else who opens their heart to others. If you ever feel emotionally drained, pink tourmaline “amplifies the vibration” of your good work, returning it back to you “many times over.” This mineral naturally regenerates energy while transforming negative vibes into major positivity (via The Spruce). 

You can also make good use of pink tourmaline if you need “an injection of unconditional love,” and feel like you need comforting or nurturing. If you have trouble with self-love, this crystal should do the trick. Since it changes negatives into positives, it can help you turn around difficult thoughts, giving you a clearer, happier mind. Pink tourmaline will also work for relaxation, so it’s great for anyone dealing with “hyperactivity” or “difficulty sleeping.”

Overall, since pink tourmaline rules the crown chakra, it can help you achieve an enlightened mental state (via Your Tango). But it’s also about emotions: it “activates your sacred heart,” so if you need to have more empathy with yourself and others, this one’s for you. While it works for anyone having trouble opening up, pink tourmaline can also amplify the feeling of love — so try wearing it around your crush! It is also Libra’s birthstone, and can be the best amulet for this sign.

How to use this healing crystal

With all of pink tourmaline’s benefits, it’s no wonder there are countless ways to use it. Healing With Crystals recommends using tourmaline wands for crystal therapy, hovering them “over the chakras of the body” to clear negative energy. Some enthusiasts say that digging pink tourmaline into the ground makes plants grow healthier, while simply holding it in your hand can “connect the lower chakras with the higher chakras to achieve homeostasis.” Placing it on the heart can be great for emotionally connecting, too.

Pink tourmaline may help the skin, so consider trying a skincare formula that includes it. This Eminence Organic Skin Care Camellia Glow Solid Face Oil ($76) features pink tourmaline gemstones that encourage “the mind and spirit to feel positive thoughts” while also creating a major glow, and Aquarian Soul’s Chamomile and Tourmaline Under Eye Serum ($32) uses the crystal to “relieve stressed skin” and balance it. Other uses include meditation, where you can hold pink tourmaline over your heart to absorb all its positive energy (via Your Tango).

Wearing pink tourmaline jewelry can relieve stress and anxiety on a daily basis, while also working as a talisman to protect you from negative energy. A pink tourmaline necklace will work as a shield for your heart, while rings are great for creatives looking to heal or connect with others. When in doubt, place a pink tourmaline stone at your home’s entrance for protection, or in your bedroom for serenity (via The Spruce). 

Cleaning and maintaining your pink tourmaline

Once you have your pink tourmaline gemstones ready at your front entrance or on a necklace, it’s time to think about maintenance. As the stone helps you with your inner-child healing processes, it’s important to give it some TLC, too. Your Tango recommends using “warm, soapy water” to clean the crystal every so often with a soft brush, even suggesting a toothbrush. Since pink tourmaline’s best use is “worn directly with skin contact” (via My Stone Meaning), diligent washing is crucial. As per Fire Mountain Gems, you can also try cleaning your tourmaline with a mix of dishwashing detergent and water, soaking for 10 minutes and wiping dry.

No matter what, don’t leave your crystal wet for too long: Truly Experiences says prolonged exposure to water can make pink tourmaline lose its rosy hue. And there’s no need to get fancy either, with Fire Mountain Gems saying cleaning with an ultrasonic system can do more harm than good.

When it comes to recharging pink tourmaline’s energy, My Stone Meaning recommends placing it with amethyst for spiritual cleaning. You can also recharge it in the sun, although leaving it out too long can give it an “energetic sunburn” (via Your Tango). In this case, you should place it in plant soil overnight to bring it back to life. No matter your cleaning strategy, treat pink tourmaline like any other fine gemstone: keep it in a soft bag and be gentle with your powerful crystal pal.

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