Elle Macpherson, 55, Shares Her Morning Wellness Secret

Get your blender and get juicing! By the time a wellness trend hits your Instagram feed, you can count on one thing: Healthy-minded celebrities have already tried it out. That’s certainly the case with the newest diet fad: drinking celery juice in the morning.

Ever since Anthony William, a.k.a., the Medical Medium — who counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenna Dewan, Robert De Niro, Liv Tyler, Novak Djokovic, Miranda Kerr and more stars and athletes as fans — touted the benefits of celery juice on his website and social media feeds, demand for the leafy green vegetable in liquid form has exploded.

Besides the Life-Changing Foods author’s advocates, plenty of other stars have offered celery juice testimonials. Whether you buy it from your favorite juicery (Kyle Richards says she gets hers at Holy Juice in L.A.), blend it up in your Vitamix or juice it in your juicer (note: blending the veggie lets the pulp remain, which contains filling fiber), the alleged benefits are enticing. Among the supposed health issues the one-ingredient elixir can help with: inflammation, psoriasis, digestion, energy, fatigue and immunity.

While sipping 16 ounces in the morning will certainly help you hydrate and the stalks contain Vitamins K and C, some nutritionists and dietitians aren’t convinced drinking the crudité platter staple does anything too special. As NYC-based registered dietitian Rachel Berman has told Us, the herb hasn’t been extensively studied yet, so the health claims are not proven. Says the General Manager of health site Verywell, “Anecdotally, people report better digestion and reduced bloating when drinking celery juice, but it may just be due to the fact that they’re getting an extra boost of hydration.” As of now, “There is some, but very limited, research on flavonoids in celery showing a reduction in inflammation in the body,” says Berman. “However, celery has not been as widely studied as other fruits and vegetables for its impact on health.”

Until then, celebrities are more than happy to try out the trend and report back. Scroll through to find out who’s juicing — and how they say it helps them.

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