Drew Scott & Linda Phan’s Tear-Jerking Compilation Video Reminds Everyone How Much Their Little Family Has Grown

Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s newest post together reminds everyone that they have been through so much together in their relationship, between growing and raising a family together. This new post shows these two are simply meant to be.

On Oct 14, Scott shared a time-lapse compilation video with the simple caption, “If these stairs could talk… 🙃 #BrilliantlySafe #ADT.”

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In the absolutely heartwarming video, we see Phan and Scott throughout their relationship, from their early beginnings to being new parents. We see different snapshots of them posing, doing some adorable PDA, coordinating outfits, and more — all while looking as happy as can be with one another. From the early beginnings of their relationship came the baby bump photos, and then photos of them with their son Parker, with their family of three looking so content.

If you didn’t tear up at this, you’re lying.

Scott and Phan met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010, hitting it off soon after and moving into the house we see now in 2014. After 12 years together, Scott and Phan welcomed their son Parker James in May 2022, which happened to be their fourth wedding anniversary.

Drew said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that fatherhood “unlocks a side you didn’t know you had.”

“I have this deep love for Linda, but then, all of a sudden, that’s the shallow pool. I’m not saying shallow with Linda, I love Linda, but there’s a whole other depth to Linda and my love together with Parker,” he said. “It’s amazing just seeing his face when he looks at you, like, once he started focusing in and he locks eyes with you — oh, your heart melts. It’s amazing.”

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