Bindi Irwin’s Husband Chandler Thanked His ‘Awesome Mum-In-Law’ for Watching Baby Grace While He Was in the Hospital

The Irwins are a tight-knit family, who work together at the Australia Zoo, star in Crikey! It’s the Irwins together, and go on vacation together. And when times are tough, they show up for each other, which is such a cool thing to see. In a new Instagram post, Bindi Irwin’s husband Chandler Powell revealed he was in the hospital for a tonsillectomy — and his “awesome mum-in-law” Terri Irwin stepped up to watch their 16-month-old daughter Grace Warrior.

“Thank you Bunny (my awesome mum-in-law) for taking care of Grace while we’ve been in the hospital and I’ve been recovering,” he wrote Wednesday, alongside a selfie of him and Bindi in a hospital room.

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Bunny is Grace’s nickname for her grandma Terri. Last month on Terri’s birthday, Bindi posted several photos of the two on Instagram, writing, “Grace’s ‘Bunny.’ Our beautiful daughter is blessed beyond measure to have all the love in the world from my sweet mama. ❤️”

While the grandma-granddaughter duo hangs out at home, Powell is staying in a hospital after getting his tonsils removed. He also gave a special shout-out to Bindi. “Just wanted to write a note to my amazing wife❤️,” he wrote. “I had to get my tonsils out and she has been taking the best care of me. I’m so lucky to be loved by you, @bindisueirwin.”

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Bindi commented, “Sweetheart, always always always here for you. Being married to you is the very best and I’m so proud of you. ❤️”

She was able to focus her attention on her husband and support him in the hospital because Grace was in excellent hands at home. And it’s a good thing, too — Powell will probably need even more babysitting help when he gets home, as recovery from a tonsillectomy can be a painful process. Maybe some of Grace’s cuddles, which Powell calls “the best thing in the world,” will help him get through it!

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