Beyoncé & Jay-Z Can't Stop Embarrassing Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy is so over her embarrassing parents. 

While the rest of the world would probably donate a kidney to afford tickets to mega-couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s joint "On the Run II Tour", 6-year-old Blue Ivy couldn’t have seemed less stoked to be in the crowd on June 15 in London after her parents ran some racy footage of themselves in bed on the big screen. 

Her reaction could be broken down into three stages of disgust: 

Someone, please get this kid her own Bravo show, stat.

According to Billboard, the clip was part of a montage of home videos Bey and Jay played between songs. Judging by what we can tell from the above Instagram video, Blue was the only one in the crowd who didn’t love the intimate look into the Knowles-Carter household, though fans seemed to have enjoyed Blue’s reaction even more. 

"Lol Blue is something else. I just love this kid," one fan commented. 

Another wrote, "Legit one of my favorite people ever." Same

This is far from the first time Blue has expressed her annoyance with her folks. The budding social media darling made headlines earlier this year after shushing Beyoncé and Jay-Z for clapping and cheering too loudly at the Grammy Awards, something that surely would have landed the rest of us lowly plebs in custody of the Beygency, where we’d rot in a cellar alongside Kate McKinnon. 

Despite her occasional annoyance with mom and dad, Blue would probably be the first to admit that her life is pretty darn great and is filled with Target runs, lavish gowns, movie premieres and art auctions. Take the good with the bad and slay all day — that’s the Blue Ivy way. 

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