Apparently, Savannah Guthrie's Toddler Has FOMO, & It's Adorable

Going back to school or work after summer vacation can be an emotional experience. You’ve got to adjust to a new schedule and take on more responsibilities, and you can no longer live in your flip-flops. And if you’re like Savannah Guthrie’s 4-year-old daughter, Vale, you might be experiencing a major case of FOMO. 

In a recent interview with People, the Today coanchor revealed that Vale had a hard time understanding why her parents wanted to ship her off to preschool after months of playtime. 

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"She’s been a little bit reluctant to go back to school," Guthrie said. "Instead of saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s going to be great,’ I tried to ask her, ‘Well, why do you not want to go to school?’" Her reasoning is pretty cute: She doesn’t want to miss a moment with her parents or her 21-month-old brother, Charley. 

"I was like, ‘Well, Daddy will be at work, and Mommy will be at work, and Charley’s going to go to preschool too," Guthrie continued. "She had total FOMO. She thought that this whole party was going on without her while she’s off at school. I’m like, ‘Nobody will be here. You’re not missing anything.’ Then, she felt better about it." 

Can you blame the kid for wanting to keep the party going? 

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If she’s anything like her famous mom, we have no doubts Vale will quickly adapt to the new changes and quickly make friends of her own — especially since Guthrie has been fostering her daughter’s confidence since day one. 

"I hope, too, that I can instill in her a sense that she is really special," Guthrie wrote about Vale in a 2016 essay. "And that’s what’s special about her is something that comes from the inside. That it’s about who she is. It’s how she treats others. It’s in her heart and her kindness, and it flows from within."

Just wait; Vale’s going to have so much fun learning and growing with her preschool pals this year she’s going to be sad when next summer rolls around. 

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