10 ways to ensure your baby’s safe at the creche

Here’s how you can ensure your child is safe in the creche or daycare while you are at work. 

Worrying about your child’s safety at the creche or daycare is something that every working parent can relate to. Being vigilant even when your baby is away from you, makes you a responsible parent. Here are some ways to ensure they’re safe.

Do a proper check

Before dropping your child to the baby care centre, you must first check the place and its credentials. Make sure it has updated facilities and is properly registered under the government. Also, do proper research before opting for the right centre.

Talk to other parents who have registered

You must talk to parents who are already sending their kids to the daycare centre. This will help in getting reliable reviews. You can talk freely and sort out your queries. Only a parent can understand the concern of other parents well.

Begin by accompanying your child

Your child will not welcome this change in routine. He/she will stay reluctant to this new atmosphere. So, develop this habit in your child by spending the first few days there in the creche. There is no point leaving your child in a completely new place, where he/she associates with no one.

Get to know the babysitters

You must first talk to babysitters personally to ensure that they can take good care of your child. You can actually question them about their education and experience. Before leaving your child completely in their responsibility, you must know every bit about them.

Ensure the toys and products are child-safe

Make sure the toys, baby products, utensils, furniture, etc, used in the baby centre are child-friendly. Also, be sure of the cleanliness and hygiene before opting for the right creche.

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Check if there is proper CCTV installed

Most baby care centres now have a CCTV facility. Ensure that you have the access to keep an eye on your baby, while he/she is at the centre. This is the best way to ensure the safety of your child.

Ensure the food is good and healthy

Most parents provide their baby’s weaning food to a daycare centre. However, if you are leaving it to the day care centre, then ensure the food that they provide is healthy and your baby is not allergic to any of it. Make a list of what your baby is allergic to, in any case, and hand it to the staff at the centre.

Make sure no stranger can enter the premises

You must ensure the safety of your child. Thus, make sure no stranger can enter the premises of the creche without permission. This is for the safety of your own child. Do a complete review of how their security system works.

Get regular updates from the centre

During the initial period, you must keep in constant touch with the baby care centre and take regular updates from them. This leaves an impression on the authorities that you are a caring parent who is concerned about the baby.

Pay a surprise visit to your child

In order to ensure that your baby is safe and well acquainted with the new place, you must visit the centre whenever you are able to. You can watch your baby from a distance to ensure he/she has gelled well. Also, this will give you the satisfaction that your baby is in a protected space.

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