Why so tight-lipped?

Let us imagine a man looking with the beginning of 50 doubtfully at his Penis down and sighs: “Oh, would you look again like when I was twelve.” An absurd idea for men – for women, it is far less.

The intimate surgery is happy about a growing number of patients, cosmetic surgery of the female genitalia lie in the Trend. “Procedures such as labia reduction are very popular nowadays, since they can also reproduce after multiple births a youthful, attractive Appearance of the female genitals,” it says on the website of a plastic surgery practice. Also untenrum may the lady please be so young and smooth as possible.

400 different Vaginas – all normal

Critics of the Porn industry is responsible for this Trend, here Vaginas are sold in the child’s buns look Perfect. Women and young girls want to look not necessarily like Porn Stars, but above all “normal”. But what’s normal? Here there is only one consensus: Visible inner labia don’t meet the standard, think most of us – but this is not true.

The “Great Wall of Vagina”, already several years ago created a work of art in the British Jamie McCartney, demonstrates how to: 400 prints gather from the totally different looking Vaginas – and they are all normal. This is the message of the artist (“I have labia like that!”) of the of plastic surgery propagated Ideal of the child’s Vulva criticized: “This is fascism. Here is a whole industry invested in the fact that women feel bad.”

If the inner labia or the clitoris, or not, has nothing to do with age, or even an abnormality. It is simply assessment.

Imperfect and optimization worthy?

Ironically, the German society for intimate surgery and genital aesthetics e. V. (DGIntim) confirmed by a survey among 104 women, aged 16 to 64 this observation: “It is quite ‘normal’ in the sense of ‘not pathologically enlarged’ and ‘not unique’ – if the inner labia protrude more than 2 cm between the outer labia and/or clitoris and the skin has a clearly visible excess skin. The survey has shown that only about a third of our participants, the labia minora are completely covered by the outer, and with only about 40 percent of the clitoral skin to see from the front.”

This is especially evident in the Labia Library Women’s Health Victoria in Australia, or the Labia Project. Here are normal women, show the whole of your normal genitals. And some describe how long it took them to accept the sight of their visible inner labia.

Once again: women take care of your body as imperfect, and optimization need, while compared to men have a greater tolerance bodies seems to prevail. But why is that? Over the year, thousands of men dominated and men-oriented medicine, which understands the woman today as a deviation from the Norm? Or the fact that the female gender is übertherapiert, as Christine Wolfrum and Luitgard Marschall claim in your book?

As soon as a girl reaches puberty, the first woman to visit to the doctor: Is everything really normal? So it goes every year, as the Pregnant one sitting and then felt for nine months at the gynecologist’s, and at the latest in menopause is handed over to the next season ticket. The female abdomen treatment is obviously in need of and susceptible to interference, as in the years to come nuclear reactor. Anyone who grows up with this attitude, it is completely plausible that in the case of the own genitals externally for optimization.

Close s is not’

Another popular surgical procedure for the Vagina-narrowing, which is also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation. During the labia reduction women of all ages, is narrowing slightly for women, for example, after a birth feel that their Vagina is too far and you will not be for the Partner sexually attractive. As a counter-measure, hyaluronic acid or autologous fat are injected into the vaginal tissue. A surgical intervention is possible in order to make the Vagina tighter. On a vaginal birth, you may abandon after that, but please, would destroy the whole work of art.

“It is obvious more obvious, to alter the female body, instead of changing the Form of sexuality,” says sociologist Anna-Katharina Meßmer, expert for genital surgery.

However, for whom women undergo such a procedure? Do it for the sake of their men? Messmer thinks it’s a rhetorical short circuit. In your opinion, which social ideals are crucial, as they occur about in jokes – for example: ‘it’s like throwing a Salami in the hallway.’ “There is a social Narrative about it, which is always the wife to the detriment and not to the detriment of the man,” says Messmer. “I consider it a greater impression than the partnership.”

Stay away from the erogenous Zone

Of course, anyone who can leave under pain of suffering, or in everyday life, impaired feeling in the genital area to operate on. But the statement that “optimized” the Vulva or the Vagina leads to a better sex life, not necessarily. Any Operation carries risks, it can lead to infections and wound healing disorders, in addition to scarring, adhesions or indurations are a possible consequence – and all this in the middle of the erogenous Zone of the woman.

Still, there is no long-term studies on the consequences of genital surgery. However, it can happen that women want to be touched with a streamlined Vulva or narrowed Vagina less sense, or not at all.