The importance of 3 full cycles of IVF

Infertility is becoming one of the biggest family planning concerns during the last few decades. Women with ovarian dysfunction and couples unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child for some time are affected by stress and anxiety over this issue. Infertility has many treatments — but IVF is considered the most effective one:

Medical specialists of Lviv’s fertility clinic “Parens Fertility” describe this treatment as the one that has the most chances of success, helping a woman to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child.

What are the chances of success?

Age is a factor that has the most influence over fertility — IVF success ratios also depend on this factor. As a couple ages, their chances to conceive decrease rapidly. This also comes with an increasing number of couples, who tend to plan pregnancy in later years.

Forty is the age when chances to become pregnant fall rapidly, even for women who went through three full IVF cycles.

What to expect from IVF?

As every seventh couple in the world has troubles with fertility, IVF becomes their only chance to conceive a child and save their relationship.

This is why many reproductive health agencies over the world recommend to offer women under forty who’ve been trying to get pregnant for two years, three full IVF cycles. For older women and for those who were diagnosed with ovarian dysfunction or low ovarian reserve, guidelines recommend to offer only one full treatment cycle.

According to the quality standards, factors such as sexual orientation, number of previous successful pregnancies and relationship status shouldn’t be considered as eligibility factors for IVF treatment.

However, bad habits of smoking, drug use or alcoholism decrease chances of successful pregnancy — this is why the quality standard includes these factors in recommendations for providing embryo transfer and success prediction.

Why is going through 3 full IVF cycles important?

A cycle of IVF treatment includes ovarian stimulation with further egg extraction, egg insemination and replacement of the embryo.

The range of 50-80% chances of IVF success looks promising for many patients, with anything under 50% being a poor chance. And here comes the statistics: even for young and healthy couples, the monthly chance to conceive a child is only around 20%. This is a healthy number, though.

Procedures included in every IVF stage tend to cumulate their effect over the time — 3 cycles significantly increase chances to conceive up to an average of 50%.

Receiving three cycles of IVF treatment is recommended for women under 40. This strategy offers a better chance to become pregnant for the lower cost.

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