Men reveal female habits that are actually MAJOR turn offs

Men revealed their biggest turn offs in a candid Reddit thread.

While some said they loathed when women “acted dumb”, others confessed they weren’t fans of “heavy make-up” and “fake nails”.

So do you agree with these opinions?

A Redditor sparked debate when they posted a question on the Ask Men thread.

They asked: “What is something women think men find hot but it’s actually a turn off?”

The most common answer seemed to be “acting dumb”, with dozens of blokes agreeing they prefer lasses who can have intelligent conversation.

One responder wrote: “Acting dumb, whether they are actually smart or not.”

Another agreed: “Acting dumb, it isn’t cute it’s annoying.”

In similar comments, chaps cited “baby voice” and “helplessness” as major turn offs.

One Reddit user confessed: “Baby voice. I don’t know how it ever became a thing, but it needs to stop.”

Meanwhile, a second ranted: “Helplessness.

“It does not make me feel more like a man to help you through a bunch of simple bulls*** daily tasks and listen to you agonise over minor, forgettable issues.

“It makes you look like a useless complaint factory.”

Women who “play games” or “hard to get” with their dates are also likely to spark frustration.

This was a common complaint, along with those who “fake orgasms” or “flirt with others to create jealousy”.

Finally, “fake” ladies were dug out by the male responders.

Droves of Redditors said “fake nails”, “duck lips” and “heavy amounts of make-up” was off-putting.

Ten turn offs for men, according to Reddit users:

1. Playing hard to get

2. Acting dumb

3. Snapchat and Instagram filters

4. Flirting with other guys to create jealousy

5. Baby voice

6. Acting helpless

7. Fake moaning or orgasms

8. Duck lips

9. Fake nails

10. Heavy amounts of make-up

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