Jessica Alba’s Idea Of Self-Care – Clean Eating And Getting Enough Sleep

Fantastic Four actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba has that amazing glow on her face that makes everybody wonder about her health secrets. But unlike some others, she is not a fan of the currently trending celery juice as she says it’s not good in taste. The film star recently opened up about maintaining wellness along with playing the role of a mother and running her own company.

It’s different on different days, she said about wellness. There are days when she likes to spend time reading a book in her room with a face mask on, while on other days, she wakes up at 5 in the morning for a spin class. It may sound strange, but Jessica doesn’t call herself a gym fan and cannot workout with passion. She admits it’s difficult to keep herself motivated but then working out helps her feel mentally strong, so she perceives it as a medicine. For her, exercising 4-5 days regularly in a week is enough.

Jessica, who is a co-producer of L.A.’s Finest, also shared her thoughts about managing things according to her super busy schedule. She told that there are times when she can’t take out time for workout usually when she is busy shooting for movies but to make up for that, she tries her best to eat clean. During days like that, she keeps herself away from wine and includes at least two plant-based or vegan meals a day through the week.

About Jessica’s thought on self-care – it’s about getting proper sleep which is quite difficult for her given her roles as a mother to 3 kids (it’s another thing that she doesn’t look like one), business owner and an actress. Her go-to idea for building balance is to ask for help which she often gets through babysitters for having some me-time.

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