It became known which people have the strongest families

American psychologists have called people who can create a strong, friendly and loving family.
So scientists from the United States conducted an interesting study that helped them determine the qualities that influence the creation of a strong family. Experts believe that the strongest relationships are able to create those who do not have a wealth of experience in sexual relations before marriage. Scientists believe that the less sexual partners a man had before the marriage, the stronger his family would be. This type of people will be able to create a strong relationship with their other half. , informs
American experts called two main factors. First, if a person has a poor sexual and romantic experience of relationships, he simply will not compare his husband or wife to anyone The second factor is based on the fact that such people, as a rule, have a high moral threshold, and this is the basis for a strong family.
According to scientists, those who often changed their sexual partners often think about divorces or partings. Experts believe that such people are very unhappy. They can not settle down and get used to other people, whatever they may be.