Amy Schumer Shares Sweet Photo of Son Gene After Revealing She 'Can't Be Pregnant Ever Again'

In her HBO Max documentary Expecting Amy, the comedian tracked her first pregnancy, as well as her struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum: a severe pregnancy side effect that, she said, felt like having food poisoning for nine months.

Sharing an update in February, Schumer thanked her followers for sharing their personal IVF stories, writing on Instagram that she wanted to "send love and strength" to all "warrior women" who go walk that particular path on their journey to parenthood.

"I have so appreciated everyone sharing their Ivf stories with me. They made me feel empowered and supported. So I wanted to tell you how mine went down," she wrote. "So many women go through many rounds of ivf which is painful and mentally grueling. I heard from hundreds of women about their miscarriages and struggles and also many hopeful stories about how after rounds and rounds of ivf it worked!! It has been really encouraging."

Schumer added, "Anyway I am so grateful for our son and that we have the resources to get help in this way. I just wanted to share and send love and strength to all of the warrior women who go through this process."

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