Jessie James Decker Is Getting Mom-Shamed for Her Daughter's Sun Tan

Celebrity moms have received plenty of unwarranted criticism and unsolicited advice about the most ridiculous things. For example, Kylie Jenner was shamed for having long nails, while Kourtney Kardashian received similar feedback for not tweezing her son's eyebrows. The latest target of mommy-shaming? Jessie James Decker for allegedly letting her daughter go out in the sun and return with a […]

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K-Beauty Fans Are Freaking Out Over Peach & Lily's New Original Glow Sheet Mask Set

Ask any K-beauty connoisseur about their skin-care staples, and, chances are, sheet masks will come up within the first few seconds. The ultra-concentrated complexion savers are considered the "hero product" in most Korean's skin-care routines, and since the K-beauty craze made its way stateside a few years back, many Americans have jumped on the bandwagon. Proof lies in the numbers: […]

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Memory researchers link two brain regions to conceptual organization

If your idea of a perfect dog is an abstract rendering of canine qualities extracted across many encounters in your life, you are not alone in how your brain connects memories, say University of Oregon scientists. A long debate has existed in psychology whether concepts, such as a dog, are represented in the mind as a collection of specific dogs […]

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