Words of Wisdom: Mothers Know Best

Vennette Ho, managing director, global head of beauty and personal care, Financo Raymond James

Mother to Dylan, 11, and Kira, 7

My mother taught me to see a world without limits, and to think about every problem as having a solution. This is an incredibly valuable mind-set in investment banking, as a huge part of this job is about solving complicated problems! She loves the word “tenacity” — and it’s a key part of being successful in any business.

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Charlotte Cho with her daughter. 

Lauren Brindley, group vice president, Walgreens

Mother to Austin, 10; Sebastian, 8, and Jasper, 1.

Being a mum to three wonderful young sons all with different personalities, different ages, different needs and desires…means I am constantly on my toes. Being a parent is the greatest learning curve you will ever face and that learning never ends. I love that.

My children have taught me to look forward, constantly assess the changing environment and adapt my approach to achieve the most successful outcome. They’ve also taught me to enjoy the journey…the exploration…the innovation…and to have lots of fun along the way. My life is certainly full both professionally and personally and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Lauren Brindley and her three sons. 

Erica Culpepper, general manager, L’Oréal USA

Mother to Jabril, 23, and Jalil, 17

Being a mom taught me the art of designing a life, a family, a team and a business that I would want to be a part of. I learned to bring my own sunshine, and to focus on the task at hand for us, and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

Erica Culpepper and her two sons. Courtesy of Erica Culpepper

Amy Gordinier, founder and CEO, Skinfix

Mother to Izzie, 17, and Will, 15

Being a mom has taught me to pay more attention to what I can learn from every person on the team — regardless of their business experience or tenure.  Kids arrive in this world with wisdom and gifts.  I’m constantly learning from my children — they help me grow and follow my purpose.  In the same way, I constantly learn profound lessons from my team about things like managing people, effective communication, culture, partnership, balance and grace.

Amy Gordinier and her kids. 


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