The Cloud Eye Trend Is Here to Replace Your Cut Crease

Cut-crease looks are becoming softer and dreamier lately. Instead of carving out crisp arcs, makeup artists and lovers, alike, are creating cloud-like shapes along the creases of their eyes. YouTube stars Nicole Guerriero and NikkieTutorials have even hopped on the cloud eye makeup trend.

The origin of cloud eye makeup is a bit hazy (so to speak), but the trend has been building up steam over the past year. Recently, it's become a full-fledged Instagram beauty moment with hundreds of takes on the trend flooding feeds. However, most are intricate and time-consuming to create, making the trend intimidating to try. There's a silver lining, though: 20-year-old Zareen Haque came up with a simple way to try the cloudy trend, and it's going viral on Reddit. Her pastel twist reminds me of Ariana Grande's new perfume, and it's stunning.

To find out how to recreate her whimsical look, I asked Haque to give Allure a quick, five-step tutorial.

Step 1: Create a better-than-blank canvas.

Haque starts off her cloud makeup by covering her lids with the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, which acts as a primer, and blending it out with her fingers.

Step 2. Brush on a blue base.

Next, she sweeps on a light blue hue from the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette all over before blending a matte teal shadow from the Juvia's Place Zulu Eyeshadow Palette on top.

Step 3. Make the clouds with concealer.

Then, Haque draws the cloud shape onto her creases with the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Medium Beige on a small, stiff brush. Haque points out that the cloud should only cover two-thirds of your creases, starting from the inner corners.

Step 4. Add color to the clouds.

Once the cloud shape is set, Haque adds the Coastal Scents Hot Pot shadows in Pale Daffodil (a buttery yellow) and Seaside Bronze (a bronzed gold) along the outer edge of the cloud and the shimmery pink shade from the Zulu Palette in the center of the cloud with a sponge eye shadow applicator and a flat brush.

Step 5. Empasize your lower lashes.

For the lower lash lines, Haque applies Coastal Scents' Hot Pot shadows in Aurora Orange (a shimmery salmon) and Island Coral (a pinky coral) with a small fluffy brush. Then, she draws along her water lines with the same Jumbo Eye Pencil.

Once your cloud eye makeup is complete, you can top off the look with falsies like Haque. Her pick was the Ardell Eyelash Demi Wispies. Another option is emphasizing the cloud shape by outlining it with a white eyeliner, such as Nyx's Liquid Liner. While she was at it, Haque also added some adorable star designs for a touch of twinkle.

Of course, all the colors she reached for could be swapped out with the ones of your choice. You could also stick with one shade, like blue, as your base and leave the concealer cloud the way it is.

If eye makeup isn't your thing, cloud makeup has also taken over cheeks. Lips might just be next, but for now, I'll be following Haque's tips for cloud eye makeup for a fun Labor Day look.

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