Launch Pad: Five European Solid Shampoo Brands

Garnier Ultra Doux Solid Shampoo

“Garnier’s first ever solid shampoo embodies our green beauty transformation,” said Adrien Koskas, Garnier’s global brand president. “We believe it is our responsibility to enable as many people as possible to have more sustainable beauty habits. That’s why the Ultra Doux Solid Shampoo has zero plastic waste, uses fast-rinse technology—which can help consumers to use less water in the shower, and yet has all the efficacy of a traditional liquid shampoo.”

Specifically, 94 percent of the vegan shampoo bars’ ingredients stem from natural origins, and 97 percent to 99 percent are biodegradable. There are no soap, preservatives or silicon in the formulas, which contain sustainably sourced ingredients, such as beeswax from West Africa and acacia honey from Hungary.

One bar of the solid shampoo can last as long as two 250-ml. bottles of traditional liquid shampoo, according to Garnier.

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There’s a version for fragile and breakable hair, fine hair, blond hair, and dull, weakened and damaged hair. Each bar retails for 4.90 euros.

“Every green step counts when it comes to protecting our planet, and products like our solid shampoo are part of our green beauty commitment, which aims to reduce our environmental impact at every stage of our value chain,” said Koskas.

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Garnier’s Ultra Doux Solid Shampoo. Courtesy of Garnier


N.A.E. Shampoo Bars

The acronym N.A.E. stands for Naturale Antica Erboristeria, which translates to “natural traditional herablism.”

“With the launch of solid organic certified shampoo, body and face bars, the brand steps up its sustainability purpose even more, offering a great alternative to products with the traditional plastic bottles, contributing to reduce carbon footprint,” said Sarah Cirillo, global head of brand at Henkel.

“From the very beginning, Henkel has had its background in sustainability,” she continued, adding the company is developing more products with natural ingredients, and that N.A.E. is a frontrunner in the group’s sustainability agenda.

The N.A.E. shampoo bars are vegan, contain at least 99 percent ingredients from natural origins and are free of silicones, parabens and artificial colors.

They are billed to be “’la bella vita’ in a bar,” chockablock with ingredients nodding to Italy, such as lemon, thyme, rosemary and grape seed oil.

The three versions are: Riparazione (repairing, for dry hair), Equilibrio (purifying, for greasy hair) and Semplicità (daily usage, for normal hair). Each shampoo bar retails for about 4.60 euros.

N.A.E. has also launched an e-commerce pilot project with Amazon to sell solids boxes, which are wholly FSC-certified paper containers, in Germany, France and Italy. These come with a solid face, body and shampoo bar, and reusable soap pouch.

N.A.E.’s Semplicità Shampoo Bar. Courtesy of N.A.E.


Carrefour’s Soft Green Solid Shampoos

French retail giant Carrefour recently launched its Soft Green range of products, which includes a solid shampoo.

“Alongside organic, we have seen the emergence of a model moving toward zero waste, the abandonment of plastic packaging and solid cosmetics,” explained Mathilde Marcant, global marketing brand director at Carrefour. “It seemed necessary to us to have an innovative range, with quality and [good] price, around this new trend.”

According to a study, 80 percent of French people polled said they have changed their habits to decrease their consumption’s environmental impact, and 38 percent said they are ready to use solid cosmetics.

Carrefour’s Shampoing Solide, or solid shampoo, is formulated with sweet almond oil and no preservatives. One shampoo bar’s usage equals the equivalent of about two bottles of liquid shampoo and has recyclable, raw cardboard outer packaging.

The shampoo, selling for 2.99 euros, is found in the hygiene-beauty section of all Carrefour stores, alongside the Soft Green line’s toothbrush; face, body and hair oil, and solid soap for the face and body.

Carrefour’s Shampoing Solide. Courtesy of Carrefour


Rowse’s Shampoo Bars

Rowse, a Spain-based influencer beauty brand, opted to launch into the hair-care category with a solid format. Each of its shampoos is 100 percent organic, made with plant oils and botanical extracts, and no has plastics, water, sulfates or parabens.

“At Rowse, our product launches are community-driven only,” explained Gabriela Salord, cofounder and chief executive officer of Rowse. “It has always been our desire to explore solid cosmetics, but we had to move our plans forward after receiving dozens of messages from our community asking for a ‘plant-based solid shampoo that works.’

“Our shampoos are purposely formulated with organic plant oils and botanical extracts, such as amalaki and shikakai—natural remedies long used in Ayurveda—to cleanse, balance and nourish different types of hair,” she continued.

Rowse now has four versions, which retail through, for 16 euros to 18 euros each. There’s The Super Volume, The Perfect Balance, The Great Repair and The Universal Solid Shampoo Bars.

The Universal Solid Shampoo Bar from Rowse. Courtesy of Rowse


Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo Bars

Unilever’s Love Beauty and Planet brand has come out with two solid shampoo bars: Blooming Colour, with muru muru butter and rose for color-treated hair, and Volume and Bounty, with coconut water and mimosa flower, for fine hair.

Prices for the heart-shaped bars range from 5.99 euros to 6.20 euros.

They’re part of the brand’s solid range of products, which also includes soaps.

“Every day, Love Beauty and Planet is committed to pushing its limits and improving itself to go even further in its efforts for the environment,” it said in a statement. “Positive and committed, the brand wants to surprise women and inspire them to change.”

Love Beauty and Planet’s Blooming Colour Shampoo Bar. Courtesy of Love Beauty and Planet

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