Goop Gets Vibrating

One year after displaying multiple uncensored vaginas in its Netflix series, Goop is releasing its first vibrator on Valentine’s Day.

The Goop team has tested “a solid number of vibrators” over the years, said Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director of content, in a statement to WWD. The findings proved relevant during the creation of a double-sided, pink-and-white vibrator that will retail for $95 on Goop’s website and features what Koroshetz called “unsexy but worthy practical details,” such as a rechargeable battery with an LED display.

Sex is a hot topic in the Goop community, fueled by the brand’s newsletters, workshops at its In Goop Health summits, podcast conversations and “The Goop Lab” Netflix series, which will further explore sexual wellness when it returns for a second season.

“Vibrators tend to come up at a certain point, and many people agree that the most popular devices are missing some simple utility,” Koroshetz said. “Our team has tested a solid number of vibrators over the years, mostly in the pursuit of satisfying orgasms, and we’ve learned the great ones can also lead to better sleep, improved mood and decreased stress. So much to be gained.”

Goop’s sexual wellness category doubled in 2020, according to Koroshetz. The company sells an assortment of vibrators, lubricants and related accessories, totaling about 50 products, via its website. It will continue to add more brands and products throughout 2021.

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Vibrators have been selling out during the pandemic, and sexual wellness brands such as Dame Products and Maude have recently raised investment, with Dakota Johnson joining the latter as a co-creative director.

Goop, whose vagina-scented candle sold out in less than two hours last year, has “high hopes” for its vibrator, Koroshetz said.

“The experience is better than we originally imagined it would be,” she said. “It’s very powerful and very fun to use. It’s the best.”

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