Elaluz's New Bronzing Sticks Are the Secret to Safely Sun-Kissed Skin

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Bronzed, glowy skin and summertime go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. But even when you can't make a trip to the beach (with a bag full of sunscreen, of course), you can attempt to mimic the appearance of radiant skin at home. And Brazilian-owned brand Elaluz's latest launch features the perfect pair of products to provide a luminous glow from head to toe.

The Better for You Bronzing Collection features two new launches: Stick Bronzers ($29) for the face and body and the four-pan Cali Queen Palette ($32). The products officially launch on August 1 on the Elaluz website and Ulta Beauty, marking the brand's entry into the retailer's stores and site. "It's the first time our products are going to be in an actual store, so I'm really excited," founder Camila Coehlo tells Allure. "It's such an experience when you can go to the store, touch the product, and try it on before purchasing it." 

With these two products, Coehlo wants to bring the warmth and glow of Brazil to you even when you can't reach one of its sandy shores. "I wanted to start the brand with bronzing products. It's in my blood, in my roots as a Brazilian," she says. "Bronzing in general, on my face and my body, makes me feel super confident." She says she also wanted to make sure these products were easy to use, no matter if you're a makeup novice who hasn't mastered blending or a full-blown beauty expert. 

The Stick Bronzers are available in three shades: Yummy (matte tan), Super Yummy (matte mocha), and Superstar (bronze shimmer). Each stick is made with a blendable, creamy formula that's infused with some potent ingredients, including the Brazilian berry camu camu. According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, the ingredient contains 30 times more vitamin C than oranges. (And if you need a refresher: vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help brighten the skin and fight off free-radical damage.) The sticks are also infused with moisturizing meadowfoam seed and sunflower seed oils, brightening jasmine flower extract, and soothing vitamin E.

After over a year of staying at home, my skin had lost a bit of its melanin, so I was particularly intrigued to try these skin-care infused sticks to see if they could temporarily restore some of my lost glow. I decided to combine both Super Yummy and Superstar on my chest. Each stick is encased in a gorgeous, rose gold tube that easily dispenses product with a twistable knob. I started with the Super Yummy shade and swiped it on the right side of my chest. The creamy formula glided with ease across my skin, and the dark chocolate color turned into a cinnamon matte streak on my skin. 

On the left side is the blended Super Yummy.

Admittedly, when I saw the swatch, I was a bit scared that it wasn't the right shade. But I just rubbed it with my hand, and it blended out easily. My leg had a much warmer hue to it, which I liked. Then, I opened the Superstar and wiped the shimmery product right on top of the bronzed area. I love body highlighters — the more glow, the better — so when I saw all the many flecks of glitter gleaming on my leg, I knew I would love this. I rubbed it into my skin with my hand to diffuse the glistening pigment all over the area. The final result: shimmery skin full of radiance. I was sold. 

On the left side is the blended out Super Yummy and Superstar.

The Cali Queen Palette comes with two powder highlighters (champagne and rose gold), a baby-pink blush, and a cinnamon bronzer. Admittedly, I was most drawn to the highlighters, particularly the rose gold shade Dazzling. When I first blended Dazzling on the high points of my cheekbone, the pink glimmer transformed into a slightly golden sheen on my cheeks. It's not glittery like other highlighters I'm accustomed to, but I still loved the more subtle glow it added to my skin. It's definitely something I would even consider using on bare skin alone for a little extra radiance. 

I love punchy blushes, usually in hot pink or orange shades, so baby-pink colors aren't exactly my go-to. But on my brown skin, the shade Rosy is more of a pretty mauve hue. It's a shade I would prefer to wear during the fall or winter seasons. The bronzer adds a subtle warmth to my skin. Both powder formulas blend with ease on the skin. I used two fluffy brushes and a slight flick of the wrist to adorn my cheeks. 

All in all, the Stick Bronzers have definitely won me over. I love how easy the creamy formula blends out and the Yummy Dark and Superstar shades are perfect for adding luminosity to my brown skin. The rose gold highlighter shade in the Cali Queen Palette will definitely be making quite a few appearances on my cheeks and chest as well. 

Elaluz Stick Bronzer

Elaluz Cali Queen Palette

If you want to get your hands on either of these products, which retail for $29 to $32, head to elaluz.com or ultabeauty.com starting August 1. 

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